Comanche Tribe

By: GraceLinn Steeger

Where Did They Come From?

The Comanche came all the way from North Wyoming. Then they migrated to Southern Plains witch extended from Nebraska into the North part of Texas. Then they migrated again to the Texas panhandle where they ended up in New Mexico.

What Did They Eat?

The Comanche mostly ate buffalo. They also sometimes ate other foods such as fruit, roots, and vegetables. They ate this food because they were completely against cannibalism. But they sometimes ate horse meat.

What Did They Live In?

They were nomadic they frequently moved from campsite to campsite. When they would end up at the site they would set up their tepees. They would move from place to place to hunt and trade

How Did They Live?

The Comanche tribe was a hunting group. They hunted little and big things such as bison and bunnies. They also sometimes ate horse meat. But they were against cannibalism like most tribes they ate dog flesh.

What is Their Religion?

The Comanche tribe believed in the Great spirit. The Great spirit was based on Animism.This involves all natural and universal objects such as, animals, plants, trees, rivers, mountains, rocks, etc. Another name for the Great spirit is Manitou.

What Weapons Did They Use?

The Comanche tribe used weapons such as spears, bow and arrow, and stone ball clubs. They also used a hatchet axe, lances, and knives. They also added a rifle when they fought the white invaders.

What is Their Organization of Leadership?

They had things called bands that would divide up the different Comanche groups and each of them had one or two leaders. The Comanche tribe was the ruler of all the Indian tribes.

How Did Comanches Die?

They were having a meeting with a leader of another tribe and when they were talking the guy somehow killed them. Also some of the tribe died when they fought other tribes and bands.

What Language Do They Speak?

The Comanche tribe spoke a language part of the Uto-Aztecan community called Shoshoni. The word Uto means enemy in the Comanche tribe language.