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August 2018

It’s been a busy month. When pastors receive calls or retire, they create openings in their districts that cause us to stop many things we may have been doing to begin the process of finding good pastors. There is nothing more important on our agenda. We begin the search process with PRAYER. Praying for God’s assistance, His leading and guidance. We trust in Him as we begin the process of reading resumes, doing interviews, and sending out PXT surveys. Everything about this process is bathed in prayer, asking for the Holy Spirit to convict us to continue with a candidate or to not continue. Trusting in God makes this work enjoyable.

I’ll bring you in a little closer to this process:

Richie Halversen who has received several calls from all over the country for the past few years, has finally taken a call to Georgia Cumberland to pastor one of their churches. We thank Richie for his constant focus on reaching the lost. Pastor Halversen was our Church Planting director. He lead a team to plant a brand new church three years ago called “The Ridge”. Brian and I were there this past week to meet with their leadership and it’s an incredible place. We also visited with the head elder of College Drive and talked about Richie’s replacement. Both visits in that district were terrific. God has many servant leaders within our conference, men and women who devote countless hours of their time to share God’s love with all people.

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Jaime Pombo spoke with me when we were on a mission trip last year about his father being seriously ill. We have been praying for his Dad since that time. Pastor Pombo received a call to Florida Conference where his family lives. It was a very tempting call and after being in our conference for twelve years he decided to take his unique talents and gifts to the Florida Conference. Pastor Pombo was in Grace Fellowship, Guntersville and Rainsville. I believe with all of my heart that small church districts deserve good pastors too. Jaime stayed in that district refusing many calls and opportunities to leave, but stayed to serve those churches with constant love and care. We thank Jaime Pombo for the years of serving in the Gulf States Conference. We are actively working on this district’s new pastor. Some progress has been made, but at this time I have nothing more to report.

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Sean Day has taken a call to pastor in the Upper Columbia Conference. Sean came to us from the Upper Columbia Conference where he was a successful Bible Worker. I remember hearing from his Pastor in Upper Columbia that Sean has a “call” upon his life to be a pastor. When I came to GSC from Upper Columbia, I remember Elder Eisele and I talking about Sean and soon after that talk, Elder Eisele flew to Upper Columbia to interview Sean. When Elder Eisele returned he said “We have to hire that couple.” Sean has been serving in the North Bay, Bonifay and Defuniak Springs district. Sean will be a blessing to Upper Columbia. We continue to work on Sean’s replacement, but have nothing to report at this time.

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We send Sean, Richie and Jaime with our love, prayers and thanksgiving for having the opportunity to have worked together for Jesus. I know these conferences are getting three good pastors.

Please pray for our ADCOM team as the search continues to fill these districts.

Other News

I preached in Athens on one Sabbath this last month. I enjoyed my time there very much. I traveled after potluck to Muscles Shoals to attend a Southern Gospel Concert held on Sabbath afternoon at our Florence SDA Church. What a blessing to hear the songs I love. I told one of the gentlemen that helps organize the concert that I’ll be back next year!

Until next month,


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