What is childcare?

Childcare is the act of looking after one's child. If a child does not have a home or parents, then they are placed into Child and Family Services's hands.

What Are Some Forms of Childcare?

There are many different forms of childcare. Some include foster homes, group homes, resedential homes, being watched by a babysitter, being at daycare, being at school, and being adopted, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How did childcare start?

-Childcare started by the Royal Comission on the Status of Women in 1970, but after that many people tried to improve it.

2. What are popular childcare places in Winnipeg?

-Foster homes, group homes, resedential homes, in-home daycares, and school-run daycares.

3. When can you start babysitting and taking the babysittng course?

-You can take the course in grade 6 (age 11 or 12) and you can babysit when you are 12.

4. What ages is babysitting typically common for?

-Babysitters are normally age 12-16 because once teens have a job then they don't babysit as much.

5. How much do parents/guardians normally spend on childcare?

-For babies and toddlers you spend $11,666 a year or $972 a month.

-For preschoolers you spend $8,800 a year or $733 a month.