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Lakeview Staff Newsletter - October 18

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Grandparent's Day

Thanks, everyone, for your work to make grandparent's day a success. We had so many nice comments from visitors. Thank you for welcoming them into your classroom, dealing with the craziness that it brings, and showing off the great things that we do each and every day at Lakeview!

Staff Meeting Thinking

We left Wednesday's meeting on a purposeful cliffhanger. Using these slides, we looked at the last four years of Forward results. What did we find?

1. We have steadily rising achievement but growth that fluctuates significantly.

2. We learned that our report card is heavily weighted for growth.

3. There is no subgroup of students that we can point to as the "issue".

What does that mean? We have a growth problem in general. We already knew that with the equity gaps we identified in August. We already created a school goal about "Being responsive so that all students meet or exceed expected growth." We are already engaged in the work that is on slide five from the meeting on Wednesday. We are going to rally around the growth issue that we have identified by being responsive.


That is what we will talk more about next week at our October 23rd staff meeting. In the meantime, we all have data homework (see next section).

Data homework leading to SLO's

SLO's this year will be:

• literacy based (except in specials or in particular pupil service areas)

• whole class based (not based on an intervention group)

• tiered (different, realistic goals for groups of students in your class)

Everyone's data homework before our October 23rd meeting:

1. Review last year's data. Go into your Spring 2019 MAP quadrant report and change the settings to look at your end-of-year report from last year. Notice and wonder. Reflect.

2. Look at your most recent quadrant report. Set your achievement axis (y-axis) to 65%tile. Notice and wonder.

3. Look at your student profile reports. You can easily click from student to student in your class and click between reading and math. Look at the line graph. Look at the high and low goal areas. Notice trends.

4. Look at your class report last. Ignore how many are above/below the mean. Instead, look at how many are in the Low/Low Avg/Avg/Hi Avg/Hi categories.

Yes, this takes time. Believe me ... I know. But it's the most important work we do.

Some info about tiered goals (thank you to Nicole Horsley at Rawson for this excellent explanation):

A tiered SLO goal looks at different groups of students and sets a goal based on what that group of students need as compared to setting a generalized goal for an entire population of students. For example, instead of everyone making 1.5 years of growth or everyone meeting their growth projection, a tiered goal sets specific measurable goals for those identified groups of students and aligns appropriate instructional strategies for each group. Here is an example of a tiered SLO goal based on the Class Report available in the NWEA MAP report website (click on photo accompanying this article).

By May 2020, 100% of students will demonstrate at least typical growth as measured by the Spring NWEA MAP assessment in the area of Reading.

  • At least two students will make progress in moving from the Lo to LoAverage quintile
  • At least three students will make progress in moving from the LoAverage to Average quintile
  • The two students in the Average quintile will move into the HiAverage quintile
  • The two students in the HiAverage quintile will move into the High quintile.

Here's an idea from Chris:

By May 2020, 100% of students will demonstrate at least typical growth as measured by the Spring NWEA MAP assessment in the area of Reading.

  • Students at the 65%tile or above in Fall19 will meet or exceed expected growth
  • Students between the 40th and 64%tile in Fall19 will demonstrate 1.5 times expected growth.
  • Students below the 40%tile will demonstrate 1.25 times expected growth

There are many other ways to do this. I would love to hear if you have more ideas about tiered literacy goals that focus on growth.

You should come to our October 23rd meeting with a very good idea of what your SLO will be. Your PPG will then be aligned to your SLO.

MLP Due Date

All Lakeview SLO's will be due October 30th. This is a hard date this year since we extended the deadline as a building already. Exception: 4K and 5K can wait until all PALS data is complete.

What button do I click at the bottom of my goal setting form?

This is a common, annual question. Here is the answer:

• Nobody should ever "Save and Notify".

• "Save" is what you click when your form is not complete.

• You must "Submit" when the form is complete.

Since SLO's are part of the larger goal setting form, nobody is able to click "Submit" at this time. That means just keep pushing "Save" on your form until your SLO is completely written.

Food Drive

Thank you to everyone for promoting the food drive! These donations stay local and help families in our own area. It was great to see student council excited every day to pick up and tally items. Thank you to Ms. Wilke for coordinating all this excitement and service learning!

The final total was 1301 donations that all go to Human Concerns right here in South Milwaukee.

Upcoming Dates

Mon, Oct 21 - 1st Grade Fire Safety presentation 2:30 p.m.

Wed, Oct 23 - Staff Meeting 7:15-8:15 a.m.

Thurs, Oct 24 - Jen Sielaff at Lakeview from 1-4 p.m (see below)

Bucks home opener day - Wear Bucks apparel today!

Friday, Oct 25 - No school for students ~ PD day

Oct 28 & 29 - Chris out of district

Friday, Nov 1 - 4K field trip to Apple Holler

Monday, Nov 4 - All school Golden Lion Assembly from 9:50-10:30

Jen's Building Hours

You noticed in the district update that Jen Sielaff, our director of HR, will be spending time at each building. You can invite her into your classroom for a specific purpose (please do!) or drop in and chat with Jen about HR-related issues. She will be at Lakeview from 1-4 p.m. on Thursday, October 24th and be based in Brianne's office in case anyone wants to chat privately with Jen. This will happen a few times this year.

Oct 25th PD Day

Here is the link to the schedule for Oct 25th.

Note that everyone at Lakeview will meet in the Lakeview library from 7:30-9:30 for the VRA portion (just like the Vistelar day). Non-certified staff are done at 9:30 a.m.

After that, the Lakeview TSS building team will meet from 9:45-11:15 while the remainder of the staff will be engaged in TSS activities similar to the last PD day. More info to follow.


Thank you for the time you spent preparing and delivering conferences. I had several teachers report 100% conference rates, even if that meant conferences over the phone or at alternative times. Making families our partners is how we can help our goal of meeting expected growth. We will continue to talk about what other data to share with families.

Structural Items

Link to this week's family newsletter

Hallways - Please continue to reinforce hallway expectations. No matter what time of day, students must travel in a single-file line (this includes coming in from recess, to/from lunch, to/from specials, and any other movement through halls). All hallway movement should be Level 0, with the exception of 8:30, 11:55, 12:45, and 3:35 movements if your class can handle it. Some classes choose to be Level 0 even at those times. This is important to me because it reflects a culture of high expectations. I noticed that Friday was already better - thank you.

Spirit Day Apparel Reminder - On Monday through Thursday, if you get an email from me saying that it is an official spirit day, then it is ok to wear jeans with the appropriate spirit day top. If it has not been declared an official spirit day, then we are not wearing jeans those days. (Oct 24 is a Spirit Day - see above).

Water bottles - I have no problem with students having water bottles in homerooms, if that is what you choose. Water bottles may not travel to specials, including PE (I talked with Dave). Water bottles should be left in homerooms during specials.

Lakeview Lift-ups - Anyone interested in helping with this? If anyone wants to coordinate the weekly Lakeview Lift-up (a way to compliment colleagues in a public way), please let me know. I'd be happy to create the Google Form with you if needed.

Personal Day Blackouts - here is a link to blackout days for elementary personal days.