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House in Tennessee

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Day 1

Manifest destiny

I have finally saved enough money and supplies to start my journey. I have gathered all the supplies i can take in my wagon and rounded up my family. i finally get to have the destiny of future Americans and move west with my pregnant wife and son. We will start on April 25th on the organ trail. My wife is hesitant because she believes we should not take our unborn son

April 28th

We're now at the Missouri river and have been offered by a near by Indian to take their fairy or ford across the river for 25$. After a few hours of careful and intelligent planning me and my family have chosen to ford across to save money for better or worse. After a few hours of fording across we made it across without loosing anything.

Day 2

Today we have ran across an Indian and along with some other wagon groups he held a contest in which we lost and he took 50$. Me and my family find this annoying because we didn't get to represent our wagon group yet we're being penalized. We gave the Indian 50$ sad to be loosing so much money so early. Thinking about loosing this much money i hope we make it.

Darn it! today i have gone hunting and was very unlucky or bind, because i hit my water barrel! My wife (waifu) Lucina was very mad at me and thinks we won't make it but i told her to keep her hopes up. Our group has decided that it would be wise to take the burial grounds to save time this trail is the most dangerous trail of the two we had to pick from. unfortunately we have ran into a dust storm and tension rises.

The sandstorm that hit us

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Day 3

Today our baby Tharja was born. We put her in her baby carriage and showed her to our son Morgan. Morgan thought it was the cutest little thing he has ever seen and didn't want to see any thing bad happen to her. my entire family pledged to keep her safe. we asked the rest of our group but they sternly said no and offered no help.

Our wagon hit a bump today and something horrible happened. Tharja bounced out of the wagon and was run over. my wife (waifu) was furious at me and told me we should have never gone on this trip. after a period of mourning we continued on and went through massacre canyon. One of our group members was shot in the arm, luckily he survived.

Our salty faces after acident
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Day 4

Today marks our final day on the Organ trail, luckily we have only had one death. This death was a tragic death but we have managed to survive the hardships. we managed to make our way through the two most notorious routes to organ. but today will test if we live or not because we need to face the most deadly part of the trip depending on the season.

We will be testing the ground using a scout to check if we can go or not. after a day or two our scout returned and told us that the journey ahead could be made and we should do it now instead of waiting. after a week or so we arrived where we needed to be to figure out we couldn't pass or go back. we were trapped for months with weeks left of supplies. we were dead for sure. i will probably never write again except for this last goodbye statement. Who ever gets this keep it safe for the future so people will know what happened to us.

Scout option =

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