Searching For A New Home

Kepler 22b also known as Endor

Earth can't support human life anymore, we should go to Kepler 22b!!

It's great on this planet! Scientists believe the planet has temperatures around 72 degrees. Endor has an Earth like atmosphere so it would feel similar to Earth, which is why Kepler 22b would be a perfect place to move everyone to if Earth was no longer able to support life.

There's a ton of interesting facts about this planet!

  1. It was discovered in February 2011 and confirmed in December 2011.
  2. It could possibly have life in its ocean.
  3. The gravity there is more than twice as strong as Earth.

Even though this planet seems great, there are a few problems that could occur while living there.

One problem is that we can only guess about the surface there, we don't know for sure that it is suitable for a human being. Another problem is that it can get really hot there if the planet gets too much energy from the sun which wouldn't be beneficial for people living there. Another potential problem is that we don't know much about the orbital path so no one really knows if the sun will give a ton of energy.

With problems, there are always solutions!

To find out the surface we could send a rover there to check the surface out and then we would know about the surface. To find out more about the orbital path, scientists could try and do more research on it or they could figure out when the sun gives off a lot of energy onto the planet. Lastly, the could use the excessive amount of energy from the sun and harness it in a way that would benefit the planet and people living there.