Collect, Connect, Select, Reflect

Beginning your Professional Portfolio

Collect - finding your artefacts/evidence

There are two ways to do this:

1. Beginning with the standards: Think about the standards and then hunt through all of your teaching 'stuff' and collect anything and everything you think will show how you have achieved the standards.

2. Beginning with your evidence: Think about the best lessons you taught during all of your practicums, the ones when the learners were really engaged and you got the feeling they were really learning. Gather up (collect) everything you have for those lessons, your plans, work samples, observation notes from your AT etc... etc... Then match this evidence to the standards (I personally think this way would be easier).

REMEMBER to have a look at the illustrations of practice to see what would be good examples of artifacts/evidence on the AITSL website...


Which artefacts/evidence BEST demonstrate my achievement of the standards?

Once you have 'collected' your artefacts/evidence you now need to begin 'connecting' what you have collected to the standards and focus areas.

As you do this you will begin 'selecting' the artefacts/evidence that you think match or don't match so well. So you are 'connecting' and 'selecting' simultaneously.

Once you have found enough artefacts/evidence to demonstrate each standard, critically review these now and look for multiple connections (see examples below).

I would suggest that you limit your artefacts/evidence to between 6 and 8 objects. You will find that some things will provide evidence for several standards for example a Unit Plan....

Analysis of how your artefacts/evidence connect to the standards is an important process.

Use your organisational chart to help you refine your selections

Just select the BEST example you have for each standard and focus area, and look for multiple connections. Remember that the artefact/evidence needs to SUBSTANTIVELY demonstrate the standard and focus areas.

Now it is time to work through your E-tivity which will help you collect, connect and select....