The Road to Perseverance

By: Bethany Wilkins

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance in my words is when someone is going through some kind of adversity or obstacle's, but then you keep going forward and venturing. Also perseverance also means to be persistence with something.

Leroy and Dartanyon

Leroy and Dartanyon are different in many ways, but their similarities bring them closer. Both Dartanyon and Leroy have disabilities. Leroy was walking by train tracks one day and his legs got stuck, and both of his legs were crushed. It resulted in him having to get his legs removed. Dartanyon faces a lot of adversity like Leroy and here are some of them. Dartanyon is legally blind, so he knows people by their shadows. A similarity is they both graduated from Lincoln High School. They both couldn’t afford college until Lisa came in and made both of their lives were turned right side up. Dartanyon started judo and Leroy started studying to become a video game designer.
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Tom Monagan

Tom Monaghan is a man who had many problems in his life. Some of the problems that he had as a kid were that he was always in detention homes, and orphanages, and started a business that had no business. He started by making this Pizza Parlor, but then he noticed that he wasn’t making as much money as he was supposed to, so later he started to get in debt, and the partner that worked with tom totally turned on him and took all of his money. The problems of the store growing to quickly resulted into the store to burn down. Also on top of that he business just continued to drop. The solution he had to get through this would have to be that he kept on making pizza’s and never give up.
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The Lady Jags

The Lady Jags is a basketball team that has only won 6 games in 14 years. Some adversities that they face are a losing streak, they live in poor areas where poverty is high. As a result, nobody believes in them as a team. Their parents are drug abusers or alcoholics. However, some of the successes they made are that they scored 29 points in 1 of their games rather than just 3 points. They learned life lessons, and they got taught school work and they got a family.
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What we learned?

I learn that a lot of people falter in their life, and here i am living a great life. A lot lot of people that live their life's in adversity they end up at some points to just yield and give up. Instead of just giving up on your self or focusing on the things that you can't do you should triumph and live life. Another thing i learned was that people that have disabilities use them to their advantage instead of saying all of the things that i can't do.