One of the Most Important Religious Traditions in the World

The World of Judaism

Jewish people follow the Judaism religion. It is one of the most important religious traditions in the world. The Israelites were the ancestors of the Jewish people. The origins and the basic teachings of the Judaism are written in its most sacred text known as Torah. The Hebrew Bible is also called TeNaKh. The Jews believe that there is only one God. This belief is known as monotheism. Abraham was a key leader of the early Jews. His descendants are known as the Jewish people. They learn about and follow their religion by studying their sacred texts. The Hebrew Bible and Talmud are very important to them as these ancient writings guide Jews how to lead moral lives. The Ten Commandments are Judaism’s old teachings. These Commandments instruct to lead honorable lives. The two important values that plays major role in Judaism are equality and social justice. Unlike some other ancient time religions, the Israelites did not see their leader as a God. Throughout history, studying the Hebrew Bible and Torah is very important in Judaism. So Jews are venerated for study and learning. They also share their knowledge to other followers from different faith. Many Jewish people follow traditional Jewish practices mainly based on the commandments. For example, traditional Jews only eat kosher food which is permitted by Bible. Jewish places of worship are called synagogues. Synagogues have Torah scrolls written in Hebrew with beautiful covers. They are kept in a special cabinet called an ark. A Jewish priest is called a rabbi and his tasks include leading the services. The largest synagogue is in Jerusalem, Israel and is considered as a holy site. All Jewish holidays begin at sunset because Jewish day begins at sunset and ends at sunrise. One of Judaism’s important contributions to the world is the idea of a weekly day of rest. They call it as Shabbat. The Jewish New Year is celebrated as Rosh Hashanah in September or October. During the special prayer service, a ram’s horn is blown. Traditional foods for this occasion include apples and honey. The most solemn holiday in the Jewish calendar is Yom Kippur. The ten days of Repentance end on this day when Jews ask for forgiveness from God and other people. Another seven days celebration usually takes place in March/April is called as Passover. It celebrates God’s rescue. They eat ritual meal for this that includes matzah, an unrisen, cracker like bread. The sects of Judaism are Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have much in common. The followers of these religions are monotheists, which mean that they believe in one God. All three faiths trace their origins to Abraham. Their sacred writings all include Biblical figures as Noah, Moses, and Adam.

By S. Thorat Period 3