Edison Arantes do Nascimento

Aka Pele

Why my topic is important?

My topic is important he is one of the best soccer player to play the game of soccer. He is a legend at what he did on the field. His clear vision on the field and knowing where to go when he needed to go made him so amazing at this sport. His quick athleticism and speed also help him as well. At the age of 17 he was a star. He is regarded as the best soccer player ever to play the game. He has won 3 world cups and remember that's really good because, the world cup only comes around ever 4 years. So he has won 3 he is the only player to do so.

Who? What? When? Where? why? How?

  • Who? people know him as Pele but his real name is Edison Arantes do Nascimento so people usually call him Pele. He is the son of João Ramos do Nascimento and Celeste Arantes.
  • What? He is a famous Brazilian soccer player. He is regarded as the best soccer player to play the game. He is the only one ever to win 3 world cups ever. He has change the game as we know it.
  • When? 23 October 1940 in Brazil he had soccer in his blood with his dad being a professional soccer player as well he was born into being a soccer player. He has won 3 world cups in 1958 1962 1970. he started playing for Brazil when he was 17 and retired from the sport in 1977 was when he threw the towel.
  • Where?In Brazil he won his 3 world cups in 1958 in Sweden He won the second in Chile in 1962 and the third and last one was in mexico in 1970
  • Why? HE was amazing from the start it helped that his dad was a professorial soccer player as well who thought Pele how to play the sport and trained him to be as good as he was he was amazing with his field of vision he had hard work and dedication to make him one of the best to play the sport ever.
  • How? His training and hard work that he put in as a kid and a young adult to make him one of the best

Quote and Explanation

That you have to train hard and study the sport and if you don't love the sport