Properties and Changes

Chemical and Physical Changes and Properites

Chemical Properties

Chemical properties describes how a substance can form other different substances

Combustion, corrosion, tarnishing, and rust are a few examples.

It is important to understand chemical properties for things like safety, how to use a chemical to get results, and so you can make things like a fire.

Chemical Change

A different substance is formed and usually cannot be reversed

Examples are burning, cooking, rusting and tarnishing

Understanding chemical change is important for things like understanding cooking and fire starting.

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Physical Properties

Characteristics of a substance that can be observed without changing the substance.

Examples would include color, texture, shape, and size.

Understanding this is important so you can observe the world around you and make deductions based on what knowledge can be seen.

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Physical Change

Changes of a property of a substance but not the substance itself. This can usually be reversed. Examples would be changing from a liquid to a solid, and changing the shape, size, or color. Understanding physical change is important so you can know and understand things like states of matter.
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