Come to Mars!

Complete Tours start at $5269* per person

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Things that you need to know about Mars

  • You can't live in Mars because, it's extremely cold (average of -81 degrees F)
  • We built a beautiful city in Mars that the air is controlled and food is made from the vapor of water.
  • To survive you will need to wear a spacesuit, that protects from the cold.
  • A beautiful contract that we signed with Verizon will let you use your data from Earth to Mars.
  • Sadly you cannot take any trips to moons, because there is no nice moons nearby.
  • When you arrive in Mars we will give you a robot to guide you around.
  • Mars had 2 moons
  • Humans can go swimming in the vapor of water of Mars, and other Hotel amenities.
  • But you cannot stay for more than 10 days in one calendar year because there are many harmful gases.
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What can we do?

If you wonder what you can do in the huge planet of Mars, you can go outside the hotel complex and ride in the robot to see around Mars.