A Chance to Give Back...


Second Grade is Spreading Christmas Blessings...

Many students love to give teachers presents for the holidays and I appreciate their thoughtfulness and kindness very much. I would like to make a request this year. If, you would like to give me a gift, the gift I would like this year is to help Mrs. Kathy. Mrs. Kathy’s son, Noah has been sick for a long time. He just celebrated his 2 year old birthday in October and he has struggled with his health for the entirety of his life. His kidneys were removed in his first month of life and he has been on dialysis ever since. Mrs. Kathy and Noah are awaiting a new kidney for Noah, but the timeframe for that is unknown and is a potentially long time. Until that point, they are traveling back and forth to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital 3-4 times a week for dialysis treatments. Noah has currently been admitted for further testing and treatments. It is very hard on Mrs. Kathy and her family. Mrs. Kathy is a wonderful teacher and this year, I’d like to give back to her. So, if you were choosing to give a gift to Mrs. Kathy or myself here are some ideas to help the Colvett family…

  • Gas cards

  • Gift cards for restaurants since they are often away from home

  • Cash donations

  • Visa Gift cards

Thank you for your kindness and understanding spirit during this tough time for the Colvett family. And thank you for your children! I love each of them dearly and they are the best gifts I’ll get this Christmas!

Thank you,

Mrs. Brophy