Gary Carrotte

Resume for Institut auf dem Rosenberg Summer 2016

Dear Ms. Schmid,

Below is my interactive resume to teach at the Instiut auf dem Rosenberg for Summer 2016. I believe I'll provide an excellent addition to your teaching staff this summer.

Last year's experience has only provided me with better knowledge to support your students. Not only will I provide excellent instruction to students in the classroom, but I will provide them with a leader they can respect and rely on during afternoon programs. Last year I was successful at identifying the shy and quiet students and making sure they were included and having fun. I can proudly say that each classroom, and group of students I had on program all became friends and had fun.

I hope you consider my application. I will continue to use my creativity during lessons and incorporate technology into the classroom, while also preforming the other duties that are requested such as leading afternoon programs, and night duty supervision.

ESL Curriculum designed specifically for Ariana

Over the winter I have put together a curriculum designed to teach beginners/advanced English to the student's of Ariana. The program includes lessons in the following areas of English.

1. Greetings/Introductions

  • Basic small talk including "How are you?"

2. Numbers 1-100

  • Pronunciation, counting skills

3. Alphabet

  • Spelling skills

4. Give name and personal information

  • Name, telephone number, address

5. This, that, here, there

  • Recognizing the connection between 'this, here' as opposed to 'that, there'

6. Present of the verb 'to be'

  • Conjugation of the verb, question and negative forms for all subjects

7. Basic descriptive adjectives

  • Ability to describe objects simply

8. Basic prepositions use

  • in, at, to, on, etc.

9. There is, There are

  • Difference between singular and plural, question and negative form

10. Some, any, much, many
  • When to use some and any in the positive, negative and question forms. Questions using much and many

11. Question Words
  • The use of 'wh-' question words as well as 'how much' and 'how many'

12. Adverbs of Frequency
  • The use of adverbs of frequency such as: always, often, sometimes, never

13. Subject Pronouns
  • I, You, He, She, It, We, You, They

14. Possessive Adjectives
  • My, Your, His, Her, (Its), Our, Your, Their

15. a, an, the

  • Basic rules for usage definite and indefinite articles

16. Jobs
  • Names of the most common jobs

17. Telling the Time
  • How to tell the time

18. Time expressions
  • Using 'in the morning', 'in the afternoon', 'in the evening', 'at night', and 'at' with time

19. Everyday Objects
  • Well rounded basic vocabulary

20. Present Simple

  • The use of the present simple for describing everyday routines, positive, negative and question forms

Favorite moments from summer 2015

Work Experience

Toronto District School Board: 2015-Present

Elementary School Teacher

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Additional Qualifications received since Summer 2015

I completed two courses in Canada that allowed me to have additional qualifications to add to my teaching resume. I completed a course in Special Education where I learned how to deal with different learning styles, and students with learning disabilities. The second qualification I received was in Primary/Junior Mathematics where I learned how to better teach math to young students.