The Troubles in Northern Ireland

the legacy of british colonialism

Britain's influence from centuries before

In the early 1500's, Britain colonized over most of Ireland and what is now Northern Ireland. To try to get the Irish people in favor of Britain's religion and rules, they sent over thousands of protestants to try and convert the population. Over time, the Irish Catholics and British protestants started to form resentment towards each other and their varying lifestyles and teachings, not to mention the Cathlics were true to staying Ireland and the Protestants wanted to be with Britain and the king. Tensions increased as the centuries passed but no drastic action was taken until the 1960's.

At the start of the twentieth century, the people of Ireland were divided into two ethnic groups. The Irish nationalists were mostly Catholic, and identified as Irish.They wanted some form of independence from Britain. The smaller group, unionists, were concentrated primarily in the province of Ulster, were mostly Protestant, and identified primarily as British.They were committed to remaining within the UK.