Romeo and Juliet

The story of the star crossed lovers

Reasons why The feud is to blame

Even though many people were involved for Romeo and Juliet's death, the feud between the two houses is more responsible of why they died.

The Montagues and Capulets are fighting and nothing can stop the two houses fighting. In the text it states, “ And the continuance of their parents rage, Which, but their children’s end, naught could remove”(Act: 1 Scene: prologue ). This means no matter what the montagues and the Capulets do, they will always fight and not even the star crossed lovers death could stop them. Romeo killing Tybalt cause the Capulets to get mad at the Montagues. Lady Capulet sent romeo out of Verona. In the text it states, “I beg for justice, which thou, prince, must give; romeo slew Tybalt, Romeo must not live”(Act: 3 Scene: 1 ).

Romeo killing Tybalt causes Romeo to leave Verona and making romeo and Juliet not see each other. This causes Juliet to fake kill herself to see romeo. But, it doesn't come as plan and at the end they are both dead.

The Notebook

The movie notebook is really similar to Romeo and Juliet because Noah and Allies parents do not approve of each other because Noah is in a different social class just like romeo and Juliet. Then Allie and Noah secretly find ways to see each other and be together because they are soul mates for life. Noah wrote Allie a letter to her every single day but allies mom doesn't send them to her. The Notebook has a lot of similarities and differences to Romeo and Juliet, but I think its the perfect movie to compare and show how the same plot is alike. The feud is the same in both movies. Noah parents dislike Allie and Allies parents absolutely hate Noah. But, the two love birds still find a way to see each other just like the star crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet.
This song supports why the families are fighting. The lyrics to the song Pretender, by the Foo Fighters shows how the two families are enemies and they really dislike each other. The Montagues really dislike the Capulets and the Capulets really dislike the Montagues. This song is perfect for showing the hate and showing that these two family's are enemies.
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