The |Absolute| Nerds

The reign of awesomeness is here.

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One of our many channel aspects is gaming! We do lots of gameplay. We play Minecraft, Clash of Clans, and more!


Why not? We have reviews for movies, games, video games, and TV shows.


Now what's a nerd channel without theories? We have plenty of theories to keep you interested.


We also have tutorials! Why not? You learn something anyway.


What is Nerdcraft?

Nerdcraft is another very important part of The |Absolute| Nerds. Nerdcraft is an extended team of nerds based on the original team, The |Absolute| Nerds. Nerdcraft is also a Minecraft server. Well, technically 3 servers. We have an MC 1.7.10 modded edition, which is Minecraft Forge. We also have an MC 1.8.x vanilla edition, which is a normal Minecraft server. And finally, we have an MC 1.7.10 CraftBukkit server, which is a fork of the original Minecraft, but lets the server be way more interesting.