Economic Goals & Values

By: Kaytlyn Herbst

How does the achievement of one of the economic goals impact/interfere with the success of other economic goals?

Economic Growth and Innovation is using new ideas and ways to create goods. Also it is helping us maintain into the future. Using this can effect knowing that goods and services will be available when needed, which is Economic Security and Predictability. If we know how to use new ideas to create goods we can ensure that if we have the right supplies we can have the goods we need available.

Developed Country: Canada - Ranked #9

Valued Goals

Canada is very successful because they take their economic goals very seriously and value them greatly. They are very efficient when it comes to resources and scarce productive resources are put to use in order to get as much as possible from them. They really believe in importing, exporting, and borrowing. The people of Canada are free of religious and basically everything else, the people get along and seem to follow most rules. They have a fair distribution of wealth and have outside as well as inside sources that help them have available sources often.

Less Developed Country: Sudan - Ranked #167

Sudan is unfortunately not as successful as Canada. Granted they do not have the wealth nor leaders that Canada have the people have not had education to understand how they should value Economic Goals. Despite through the years they have had some progress their security and political uncertainty still has it's challenges. Omar Hasan Al-Bashir has faced two international arrest warrants and does not know how to run the country. They are not wealthy and have no way of getting goods that they need, for they do not have many surrounding countries that would be willing to help them. People in the country think that importing and exporting goods is too expensive and time consuming, and do not seem interested in helping the country.
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