From your friendly neighborhood IFs

For pondering over break

The week of Jan. 4th

Monday - Research and Inquiry PD and Planning
Tuesday - Research & Inquiry and Reading Plans/Architecture of Teaching Time to Work
- various GLTs with Mari (see your Outlook invite)
Wednesday - various GLTs with Mari (see your Outlook invite)
Thursday - IFs will be out, along with ILT reps, for an all day ILT meeting with Mari
Friday - IFs out in the PM for an IF meeting

Don't forget to send your agenda items for your PD sessions by the end of today!

GLTs with Mari Fedrow

You have received an invitation to your GLT with Mari for either Tuesday or Wednesday. This will be in place of your regularly scheduled GLT for the week. We will still have the scheduled PD sessions. Please come prepared and on time with the materials needed for the meeting with Mari. Also, remember to have sub plans ready for the time you will be out of your classroom.

DIBELS Schedule

We are starting DIBELS on Jan. 5th with 5th grade and work backwards to Kindergarten. Students will be pulled by their reading group, starting with the benchmark group, and pulled throughout the day. There will not be a formal schedule but we will try to let you know each afternoon where we are. The window for testing is short (last day is 1/22) which is why we are pulling all day long. Paras will be getting a testing refresher Monday the 4th. If you have questions or concerns, please let Yolanda or me know.

If you have the following paras in your ELA small groups, please plan accordingly from 1/5-1/22 as they will not be in your rooms due to testing:
  • Heidi Mann
  • Emily Theirl
  • Yesenia Rodriguez
  • Dedra Town
  • Asusena Mendoza

Please make sure your secondary classes are up to date with Linda and Briseida

Are you getting ready for report cards?

January is report card month. Have you started discussing with your team what will be included in scores? If you have new team members, it would be best to start this conversation early to fill them in with all the information they will need. Also be sure to have a plan for trading ELA scores from the reading teachers to homeroom teachers, including a due date!

Next round of CWTs

IFs and admin will be conducting CWTs during writing and small groups looking for writing plan components and reading plans (from 12/14 and 12/15) components in the weeks following break. Think accountability partners! This is not a "gotcha" thing, just a way to support you in implementation. Let us know if you have specific "look fors" you'd like us to focus on those areas to give you more meaningful feedback!