Mone't Minis Jewelry Classes

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Mone't Minis Mission Statement........

Mone't Martin aims to influence her Minis to BE Motivated and Inspirational.......Embracing all that makes them BEYoutiFuLL. Promoting Accountability, Positive Self-Talk, and Spiritual/Character Elevation to build great Self Esteem while teaching them to create handmade jewelry with beginner to intermediate jewelry making skills.

Each Mone Mini Session Entails.......

Who is Mone't Martin?

Jaimie Mone’t Lloyd, a native New Yorker born and raised in the Bronx is an artist and philanthropist. Lloyd’s hobby turned passion of jewelry making was first cultivated while attending The Katherine Gibbs School for Fashion Merchandising and Design. She fell in love with the technique of draping and transformed that skill into inspiration for her jewelry company, Mone’t Martin Designs. The collection is inspired by her mother’s love of leather and uses a combination of mixed mediums such as various metals, crystals, gems, and an array of accents such as hearts and peace signs to create each one-of-a kind piece.

Lloyd has since used her passion and talent to inspire young women. She has served as a #TeamFancy volunteer for 3 years, and has conducted several jewelry making workshops during Camp Fancy. The work with the girls in this organization has provided yet another source of inspiration for her collection.

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Create..Elevate...Influence ~Jaimie "Mone't" Lloyd

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Girls on the Rise Mentor Program Launch

Saturday, Jan. 2nd 2016 at 12pm

50 Branford Street

Newark, NJ

Mone't Minis aka Jaimie will be sponsoring as well as speaking, sharing what she will be contributing to the Girls on the Rise Mentorship program as well as her passion and purpose. Please come out and support Makeba Green and the rest of her team in their efforts to support our youth.