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The Last Day to Register to Vote in Primary Elections is Monday, February 5th

We encourage all community members to get involved, be informed, and participate in the voting process. The primary election outcomes impact our community and school district. Make your voice heard by registering to vote and participating in the primaries!

Register to vote online by February 5th at

3GStrong - Classroom Meeting Update

This week, your children are growing 3GStrong by learning about several very important skills and attitudes. We began class meetings by discussing goal setting; not goals like what are you going to accomplish this week, but what kind of person do you want to be… big picture goals. Do you want to be a confident person? A friendly person? Someone who get great grades? Excels in a sport?

Then, we discussed visualizing what that person you want to be looks like and acts like. If you want to do or be something, you have to walk and talk the part. You have to see yourself as that person and be that person. If you want to be a successful student, what actions does a successful student take? If you want to be a good friend, how does a good friend act? What does it sound like? We learned that visualizing is “mental practice” and has been proven to be effective in achieving desired results. December 3, 2009, AJ Adams wrote in her article, Seeing Is Believing: the Power of Visualization, in Psychology Today, “Brain studies now reveal that thoughts produce the same mental instructions as actions. Mental imagery impacts many cognitive processes in the brain: motor control, attention, perception, planning, and memory. So the brain is getting trained for actual performance during visualization. It’s been found that mental practices can enhance motivation, increase confidence and self-efficacy, improve motor performance, prime your brain for success, and increase states of flow – all relevant to achieving your best life.” She went on to explain that a study looking at brain patterns in weightlifters found that the patterns activated when a weightlifter lifted hundreds of pounds were similarly activated when they only imagined lifting. In some cases, research has revealed that mental practices are almost effective as true physical practice, and that doing both is more effective than either alone.

Students learned about self talk and how it applies to the famous quote by Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are correct.” We also discussed how to handle failure. When you fail, it shouldn’t be the end. If you want FAIL to mean First Attempt In Learning, you have to keep going. Keep Learning! Think about practice as planned failure. It’s failure with purpose. In the words of Thomas Edison, “I never view mistakes as failures." We want students to put purpose to all failure by keeping the learning going and learning from mistakes.

Valentine's Day Party

Each year our school is involved with a service project during our Valentine's Day party to teach our children the importance to give to others. This year we are excited that their Valentine's Day Party will be held during their specials time where they will participate in Jump Rope for Heart. Your child will receive more information about Jump Rope for Heart after our school kick off on January 25th. PTA has purchased jump ropes and yoga mats to help with both the party as well as future physical education classes. We are asking for parents to not attend the Valentine's Day Service Project/Party.

Students will have a special time in their class to socialize with their classmates and exchange Valentine's Day cards with one another. This is such a great time for students to grow socially and create special memories within their classroom.

We will have a larger End of Year party as well as Field day later this year that we would love for you to attend. Thank you for your continued partnership.

It is that time again... Val-o-Gram time!

Student Council sells Val-o-Grams each year as a fundraiser and uses the proceeds to give back to our school. Each Val-o-Gram costs $1 and will include a message from you and four Hersey Kisses. If you would like to purchase Val-o-grams, please return the pre-order form that was sent home. Pre-order forms are due by February 2nd. Please DO NOT send in money with pre-order forms. Once you receive the Val-o-Gram cards, please write the messages and return cards with the cash or check. We will attach the Kisses and deliver them to the correct classrooms. Thank you for supporting our Bledsoe Student Council!

Bledsoe Celebrates Friendship Week - February 12th through the 16th

Bledsoe’s Friendship Rock Garden Project -

In a few short weeks Bledsoe Elementary will be honoring the value of friendship to support our students with making and keeping friends. We will celebrate Friendship Week from February 12th through the 16th.

During Friendship Week, Bledsoe students will come together as a campus to create a beautiful reminder of the characteristics of true friendship by creating a colorful rock garden. Mrs. Harris, our fantastic art teacher, will be facilitating this project's artistic progress during upcoming art classes. However, we need parents’ help with collecting a rock for your child/ren!

We're asking that EVERY child bring a natural rock (sized between approximately 3 to 6 inches in diameter) between now and Friday, 2/2. Students will then bring their rock to art class to paint their own unique friendship rock the following week. Students will be brainstorming a characteristic of true friendship that they will paint onto their individual rock. This would be a great conversation to have around the dinner table between now and the week of February 5th. What character trait is most important to your child when seeking new friendships or maintaining old ones?

Again, EVERY child will be responsible for bringing their own rock to paint; however, your child is welcome to bring an extra to donate to those that may have forgotten to bring one. Bledsoe’s art teacher, Mrs. Harris, will have a box for donated rocks in case a student wasn't able to bring one with them by the deadline, Friday, February 2nd. In the meantime, it will be a fun scavenger hunt for students to search for their perfect rock while they're out and about with you.

Thank you for your support of Bledsoe’s Friendship Week festivities!

Lost and Found

Please look for any lost items in Lost and Found! We will be sending any clothes not picked up by the end of February to Frisco Family Services.

Thank you!

Important Dates

February 2nd - Deadline to send your child/ren with a small rock to school for Friendship Week painting project

February 14th - Valentine Service Party Jump Rope for Heart (Only for students)

February 16th - Diverse-Ability Day (No GMB)

February 19th - No School President's Day

February 22nd PTA Student Program - Sky Dome

February 23rd PTA Student Program - Sky Dome

February 23rd Bledsoe Choir Performs at the Legends Game