The Nordtvedt News

April 18th-22nd

MCA Tests

Thank you for sending pictures for testing! It was fun to see the kids open them up on the first day of testing. They worked hard on their test! We have one more day of the reading test to finish this week.

Most students in our class will be taking tests on...

*April 18th - Reading MCA Test

*April 27th, 28th, 29th - Math MCA Test

*May 9th and 10th - Science MCA Test

What Are We Working On This Week?

Character Education: Fair/Equity

Reader's Workshop: Make Connections/Distinguish and Evaluate Fact & Opinion

Spelling/Word Study: Week 14 words. The test will be on Friday.

Writer's Workshop: Working on our opinion writing unit about zoos.

Math: Unit 8 : Algebra, Functions and Graphs

Science: MCA Review & Unit 13: Forces and Motion

Social Studies and Health: These subjects are taught by Mrs. Kornder. Please check your child's agenda daily to see if they have homework in these areas.


*April 18th - Reading MCA Test

*April 27th, 28th, 29th - Math MCA Test

*May 6th - Students will visit the Pearson 6th Grade Center during the school day

*May 9th and 10th - Science MCA Test (changed due to 6th grade center visit)

*May 20th - 5th Grade Field Day (1:30-3:15)

*May 26th - Band Concert

Fresh Air After Testing!

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