"Born Worker"

By Gary Soto


Jose was "Born a Worker", born with a ring of dirt around his neck and grime under his fingernails, people would say. Jose always thought that he was made for labor, is a honest young boy who can go throught thick and thin. He always got annoyed by Arnie, his cousin, Jose said that he was a spoiled lazy brat. Jose had the courage to help Mr. Clemens, while Arnie just left and came back until he knew that everything was going to be alright.

Conflicts Jose faced

The main conflict Jose went through was that Arnie had left him when Mr. Clemens fell into the pool. Jose told Arnie to go inside and call 911, but Arnie didn't listen and ran away. So, Jose had to go inside himself and get a paper towel with ice cubes and to call. He went as fast as he could to get the paper towel with ice cubes to Mr. Clemens. Another conflict that Jose faces is that he is going to be doing the work by himself while Arnie just watches and they are still going to be spliting up the money. Arnie puts Jose to work just because Jose's family is hard working and poor, Arnie just wants to be the one looking for the jobs and not helping with the job.