"The Necklace"

By Guy De Maupassant

What is the story about

Pretty Mathilde is a poor class person she wants to be upper class like everyone else. She has a wonderful husband who cares about her but she feels she deserves better because he's not a well payed person. She was invited to a dance and she wants to stand out like everyone else. Her husband gives her all the money he has to buy a nice dress which was 400 francs and he was saving it to buy a gun but sacrifices his money. She buys the dress but then realizes she has no jewels so she goes to her rich friend to borrow a diamond necklace. This ends up being bad for Mathilde in the long run because she ends up losing the necklace and having to go through pain to repay it.


"She suffered intensely, feeling herself born for every delicacy and every luxury. She suffered from the poverty of her dwelling, from the worn walls, the abraded chairs, the ugliness of the stuffs." (Mauspassant 3). This shows how she is feeling sorry for herself because she is low class type of people and she feels she deserves better than what she has.


"Frightened by the pains yet to come, by the black misery which was about to fall upon him, by the prospect of all the physical privation and of all the moral tortures which he was to suffer, he went to get the new necklace, putting down upon the merchant’s counter thirty-six thousand francs" This shows that losing the necklace has brought poverty towards her and her husband because they have to repay her back the necklace.

In Conclusion

This shows that even if you are poor class accept it because things might not change don't try to be someone your not. Being greedy does not always show happiness.

"The Necklace" Theme

This story proves that wealth does not always make you happy and to not be who you aren't.