Why Did We Name It Dynamic Deo?

(And no...it's not Batman and Robin)

...because it really is deodorant, and it really is dynamic!

How is it dynamic you ask? Because it is just as effective on your feet as it is on your under arms! We believe that people have the right to be stink free, while still taking care of their bodies naturally! Whether it is your under arms, your feet or whatever...you and your skin are precious and whatever goes on your skin will be ingested into your body!

Stone Body Products Dynamic Deo is made with all natural, mostly organic, simple ingredients. We do not use ingredients that are not effective because we believe that products should be as simple as possible. Therefore, most of our products are made with 5 ingredients or less! And yet...unlike most natural deodorants...our deodorant WORKS! Even in humidity, heat and in the stinkiest of shoes IT WORKS! And, because you only need a finger-tip full for each under arm, it takes most people 3-4 months to get through a container! So it is a great value, too, because we believe being natural and safe shouldn't mean expensive.

Come on...we dare you to try it!

A Few of Our Scent Choices...

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