Rescue Road

By Peter Zheutlin

For the Dogs

The book Rescue Road by Peter Zheutlin is a non-fiction book about a man named Greg Mahle who takes dogs and saves them from high-kill shelters in the south and then drives them down north where the dogs will be adopted and given good homes and families that will provide love and care for them. Greg didn't always used to love dogs. For years, his family tried to convince him to get a dog, but he was concerned about the mess the dog would make and how he'd have to clean up after it all the time. Eventually, after he saw how happy his friends were to have a dog, he gave in and got his first dog. He instantly fell in love and started to do research online about dogs. The stories of neglect and abuse he saw online made him think about what these dogs were going through and what they did to deserve this king of cruelty. He decided he wanted to help and set into action. Greg bough a big trailer with a place for him to sleep, and obviously a place for dog crates. Peter is a "junk collector," as his wife would say. Greg argues that it is good to save old things because they can be reused. He uses the "junk" he collects to build things for him and the dogs. Greg drives up to high kill shelters in the south and looks at dogs he can possibly bring back to the north where the dogs can be treated medically and then adopted. One of the hardest parts of his job is that he can only bring so many dogs on the trailer with him. He has to choose which dogs are healthy enough to make the journey and he has to leave knowing the dogs he didn't take will probably die of natural cause or be euthanized because they can no longer be cared for.

Step up and help

If there were more people in the world like Greg, then maybe there would be more dogs that are not neglected and abused as a result. Greg Mahle is an inspiration to many, including me. There needs to be others like Greg willing to stand up because dogs really are a man's best friend. Without dogs in the world, things would be a lot different and we can't ignore the fact that dogs are being neglected and abused as we speak. Dogs are like people, too. So, they deserve to be treated like people. If we could step up and at least save a few dogs from a life of hardship, then that's a start. Eventually, we have to believe that people will catch on and start to help.

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Dogs and People aren't all that different, so why do we treat them like this?

Dogs and humans are similar and different in many ways. Both dogs and humans are mammals. Unlike humans, dogs have fur and pant to sweat. Unlike dogs, humans don't have fur and they don't pant by sweating. Also, dogs are colorblind and in contrast humans can see all colors. Dogs and humans are both very intelligent and can comprehend a lot more than other species. Dogs can sense when they are in danger and they worry about their owners if they see them upset. Unlike humans, dogs have a higher sense of smelling and hearing. So, why do we treat them like they don't know anything and they aren't smart, because both dogs and humans are more or less the same. If anything, dogs are smarter than humans.