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December 15, 2019

Mrs. Hladun's Tidings

It was wonderful to see all the families on campus this past week for our winter performances. As always, our students were remarkable under the leadership support of their amazing music teachers, Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Guemmer. It's also be wonderful to see the winter themed art that is being produced in our classrooms through our incredible docent (aka VOLUNTEER) run art program. We are so fortunate to have such committed and talented teachers of the arts in our music and art docent programs.

A special thank you to Mrs. Beck for her efforts to help Thursday evening's performances run smoothly while I was at a conference. She rocked it, and we are so lucky to have her on our team!

This week, I've had the good fortune to be invited to attend the AVID National Conference in Dallas, TX. The sessions have been inspiring to me as I consider how we will continue the excellent work happening in grades 4 and 5 and potentially grow our AVID program at LCES. A few things that really stood out to me and I'm excited to work with our staff around:

  • Mary Lou Kownacki said, "Engrave this upon your heart: there isn't anyone you couldn't love once you heard their story." The role of relationships can't be expressed more clearly
  • Our mission statement speaks to helping our students learn the skills needed for academic, social and emotional success. The main hashtag at this conference is #allmeansall
  • Considering the role of literacy and writing in all subject areas. Someone observed that we continue to coach high level athletes on their sport, but also noted that at some point in education we move from learning to read to reading to learn...that got me thinking, for sure!
  • Finding ways to involve our parents in their child's education - be watching for some parent education forums this spring!
  • What is the role of our elementary team in setting your child up for college and career readiness - we want to expose our students to rigorous instruction, opportunities to explore their own future, and the skills to have agency - that is to activate their own potential and be able to use all their soft and academic skills to be successful in middle school, high school, and beyond. As educators we need to provide rigorous instruction, break down barriers to accessing opportunities, align our work across grade levels and between grade levels, and be fierce advocates for our students!

Next Week - Early Release Schedule!

Every day next week is an Early Release Day - so every day is like a Monday!

  • Students in Grades 1-5 will attend school from 8:15am-1:40pm
  • AM TK and K students will attend at their normal time - 8am-11:20am
  • PM TK and K students will attend school from 10:20am-1:40pm

Your teacher has been/will be in touch with information about any special activities planned during the week!

There is no school Monday, December 23 through Friday, January 3. The office will also be closed during the break. School will resume on Monday, January 6 with a regular Early Release Monday schedule.

Students are Currently Taking the iReady Diagnostic Assessment

Throughout the month of December, all of our students will be taking their second iReady Diagnostic assessment in Reading and Math. Teachers schedule this assessment at times that work for them, and you can ask your teacher for more info on when your child will be taking the assessment.

An FYI for families that students will not be able to access the iReady intervention program via Clever while their child's Diagnostics are in progress. Once their assessments are complete, the intervention system will reset their "lesson pathway" to reflect their updated levels based on the results.

If you want more info about how your child is doing on iReady, click on the "My Progress" button in the iReady program or check in with your child's teacher after Winter Break.

Checking in with your Child

I hear from many families that they ask their child how their day was and often the response is "fine," "okay" or shrugged shoulders...I know I get these responses in my home with my 4th and 10th grader, too!

Consider showing your child this 'blob tree' and asking your child to show you which blob best represented their day at school, lunch, recess, sports practice, during math, during a group project, in music, etc... Once a child can identify a picture that represents their feelings, they may be better able to find words to describe their day or that moment, or you may find you can generate more specific questions to ask.

Let me know if you try it and how it goes!

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Upcoming Events

Our calendar is always up to date with the latest information about events at LCES. All event flyers can be found on our calendar and/or at our PeachJar site.

Coming Up:

Week of December 16th:

  • All Week: Online Registration for new gr 1-12 students and all TK/K students is open
  • Week of 12/16-20 - Early Release Week - 1:40 dismissal all week for Gr. 1-5; AM & PM TK and K are on a Monday schedule all week
  • Mon., 12/16, 1-1:40 pm: Leadership Ambassador Meeting
  • Mon., 12/16, 1:45-3:15: Choir Winter Party
  • Wed., 12/18 and Thurs., 12/19, 1:40-2:40: Math tutoring for invited students in grades 4 and 5; tutoring for grades 1-3 cancelled for the week
  • Thurs., 12/19: Ugly Holiday Sweater Dress Up Day
  • Fri., 12/20 : Colt Pride Friday!

Saturday, 12/21-Sunday, 1/5: No School; Happy Winter Break!

Week of January 6th:

  • All Week: Online Registration for new gr 1-12 students and all TK/K students is open
  • Mon., 1/6: Early Release Day
  • Mon., 1/6, 1-1:40 pm: Leadership Ambassador Meeting
  • Mon., 1/6, 1:45-2:45: Choir Rehearsal
  • Tues-Thurs: Math tutoring for invited students in grades 1-5
  • Thurs., 1/9, 6-7 pm, Tech Room: Happy Families Presentation - Parenting a Gifted or 2E Child (child care is offered) - click for session description
  • Fri., 1/10, 8:30-9:30am, Tech Room: Happy Families Presentation - Parenting a Gifted or 2E Child (child care is not offered) - click for session description
  • Fri., 1/10 : Colt Pride Friday!
  • Fri., 1/10, 1:55-3:30 pm, MPR: Musical Theater Rehearsal

Week of January 13th:

  • All Week: LCES office is accepting paper registration (printout of online registration, birth certificate, shot record & proof of residency) - we'll start accepting shortly after 7 am on 1/13; all applications are due by 2/12 at 4 pm
  • All Week: Online Registration for new gr 1-12 students and all TK/K students is open
  • All Week: PTC Simply Nutrition Fundraiser
  • Mon., 1/13: Early Release Day
  • Mon., 1/13, 1-1:40 pm: Leadership Ambassador Meeting
  • Mon., 1/13, 1:45-2:45: Choir Rehearsal
  • Tues-Thurs: Math tutoring for invited students in grades 1-5
  • Tentative - Wed., 1/15, 2:45-4 pm: Musical Theater Rehearsal
  • Thurs., 1/16, 5:30-6:30 pm: PTC Community Meeting
  • Fri., 1/17: Colt Pride Friday!
  • Fri., 1/17, 1:55-3:30 pm, MPR: Musical Theater Rehearsal

Looking Ahead:

  • Mon., 1/20: No School in honor of MLK, Jr. Day
  • Thurs., 1/23: Sami's Circuit Family Night
  • Wed., 2/26 and Thurs., 2/27: Star Struck Evening Performances (details TBA)

*click here for our new music (choir, grade level music, musical theater) website!

*click here for our new Leadership Ambassador website!

Non School Days or Special Release Days

  • Week of 12/16: early release days - 1:40 dismissal
  • Mon., 12/23-Fri., 1/3: Winter Break / no school
  • Mon., 1/20: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day / no school
  • Thurs., 2/13-Mon., 2/17: Late Winter Mini Break & President's Day / no school
  • Mon, 4/6-Mon., 4/13: Spring Break / no school
  • Mon., 5/25: Memorial Day / no school
  • Week of June 1st: early release days - 1:40 dismissal
  • Fri., 6/5: last day of school!

Every Monday is an Early Release Day!

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Boundary & Registration Update

FYI that we will continue to update this section of our newsletter, but will highlight new info towards the top of the newsletter.

Please share this info with your friends and neighbors who may have children coming into TK/K or who are currently attending school outside of WPUSD but may looking to come back to their community school.

The overall goal is to get a good handle on where students will attend school (that happens early in 2020) so that we can tackle staffing (in spring 2020) and open the schools with minimal adjustments in fall 2020.

Important Information by Date:

NOW - online registration will open up for all NEW students in grades TK-12

  • if your child is in grades K-5 at LCES right now, you do NOT need to re-register them
  • if your child is in TK (AM or PM), you DO need to register them for kindergarten
  • be sure your friends and neighbors with incoming TK or K kiddos know, and if you have friends at schools outside of WPUSD who want to bring their child back to their home school, they need to register using this timeline
  • you can access the link to register online via the WPUSD website (click here)

Mon., 1/13/20 shortly after 7am - our office team will start taking registration packets

  • there is NO NEED for a camp out because there is plenty of room at LCES and Leaman ES (LES) for all incoming students at their home school!
  • bring: printout of online registration form and associated documents, proof of residency, child's birth certificate, and immunization records
  • the LCES office will take all registrations for students who will attend LCES or LES

Tues., 1/21/20 at 4 pm - deadline for current COES students and current LCES 4th graders to turn in intradistrict transfer request
  • turning in this form means that current students attending COES want to stay at COES instead of attending LCES or LES
  • turning in this form means that current LCES 4th graders want to attend LCES for their 5th grade year instead of LES
  • This document was sent home with effected 4th graders (and sent out digitally) on Wed., 12/11. Click here for a PDF copy.

Fri., 2/12/20 at 4 pm - deadline to turn in registration packets for 20-21

  • families who move into the neighborhood after this deadline can still enroll
  • current residents must complete enrollment by 2/12/20
  • this deadline will help us staff the schools correctly

March-ish - deadline for all families to turn in intradistrict transfer requests

  • you would complete this process if you wanted to attend any school other than the one you are assigned to (i.e. you were zoned to attend LES but wanted to attend LCES; you are zoned for LCES but you want to attend TBE) in 20-21
  • You can read more about the draft intra policy here (page 6)
  • it is standing policy that intradistrict requests have to be refiled annually and there is no guarantee that they are approved; they are approved on a space available basis

If you are Currently Enrolled in a WPUSD School:

If your child is currently enrolled in Grades K-4 at any WPUSD School (including Lincoln Crossing), your enrollment will AUTOMATICALLY be rolled over for the 2020-21 school year at your school of residence based on the current boundaries.
  • You don't need to do anything unless you plan to request an intradistrict transfer to go to a different school in the district (see details on that below).
  • If you live in the Leaman boundary, but your child is in 4th grade now and wants to stay at LCES for 5th grade, you will get a letter asking to you confirm your plans for enrollment for 2020-21 (see details below).
  • If your child has an IEP or 504 plan and will end up at Leaman in the fall, his/her IEP is AUTOMATICALLY sent to the new school and services will be uninterrupted.
If your child is in Grade 5 at any WPUSD School, your child's enrollment will AUTOMATICALLY roll over to the middle school based on your address.
  • All current LCES 5th graders will be automatically registered at TBMS for the 2020-21 school year.
  • If your child has an IEP or 504 plan, that information also is AUTOMATICALLY sent to the middle school and services will be uninterrupted.
If your child is in TK, or your friend/neighbor/family member is bringing a child into WPUSD (into TK or K or any upper grade), they need to register their child beginning on 12/9/19 at 8 am.

Important Info by Topic:

  1. ONLINE REGISTRATION for NEW STUDENTS: Students coming into Grades TK-12 will be able to register online through the online WPUSD Parent Portal beginning on Mon., 12/9. We will be taking packets for registration (which include your Parent Portal printout, birth certificate, immunization records and proof of residency) on Mon., 1/13 in the office - LCES will take all packets for new students who will attend Lincoln Crossing or Leaman Elementary since there is no office at Leaman, yet. TK Families must register for K online even though you might be attending class in the district currently.
  • CURRENT STUDENTS: Students who are currently in grades K-5 at any school in the district will be automatically assigned to their school of residency this spring based on their address (this includes students continuing in elementary and those going to middle school). There may be some options to attend your preferred school (see the IntraDistrict Transfer Requests section below for details).
  • WAIT LISTS: We do not anticipate 'wait lists' at any of our schools for any of our grade levels for students who live in within the school's the past we had issues with space, and that drove the need for waiting lists. We will not have space issues at any of our schools next year - that means everyone gets into their 'home school!' There will not be any need for a 'camp out!'
  • DUAL LANGUAGE IMMERSION PROGRAM / POTENTIAL LOTTERY: There may be a lottery for students to participate in the district's dual language immersion program. The district plans to start this program with only Kinder students. The program will be hosted at Creekside Oaks Elementary only. The need for a lottery will be based on interest generated during registration. There is still uncertainty around if the Dual Language K program will be part day (AM/PM) or extended day, but families will know before they commit to participating after the lottery. Learn more about this program (and all TK/K programs) here.
  • INTRADISTRICT TRANSFER REQUESTS: There will be two intradistrict (intra) transfer request windows:
  1. Intra window #1: applies to students who prefer to stay at COES and for current LCES 4th graders who want to stay at LCES for 5th grade. The district plans to approve those intras. These intras will be due by 4 pm a 1/21/20 at your child's current school office
  2. Intra window #2: applies to all other students - including those siblings of current LCES 4th graders who may prefer to stay at LCES or families who just want to attend a different school. As they always have been, these intras will be considered on a space available basis. This process will happen in March/April (date TBA). The draft policy about intras can be reviewed here (on pg. 6)
2019-20 LCES Performing Arts Calendar Details

Upcoming activities include Veteran's Day "We Honor You" celebration on 11/14, and winter performances for grades 1-5 on Tuesday, 12/10 and Thursday, 12/12. Click for exact dates and times! We look forward to celebrating the season with you!

Colt Pride Fridays!

Every Friday is a Colt Pride day! We love it all - new items, vintage Colt Gear, homemade items, Zebra gear, and blue & yellow! Click for our online spirit wear store - open 24/7/365!

Leadership Ambassadors

Check out this amazing new Leadership Ambassador's webpage - you can find calendar info, Action Team info and information about the LA training curriculum!

Food Service - menus, pricing and more!

Click for more information about school meal pricing and breakfast and lunch menus. You can also access My School Bucks to add to your child's lunch balance and submit an online application for free/reduced meals.

Parking vs. Drop Off/Pick Up Areas

Click to view a map and video that explains how we ask families to help us keep kids safe. Note that it is much less congested between between 7:50-8:00 am and again between 2:50-3 pm. Supervision is provided at 7:55 am and until 3 pm (2 on ER Days).

2019-20 & 2020-21 School Year Calendars

The district has approved and published 2 years of school calendars! Click for details!

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Lincoln Crossing Mission Statement

The mission of the Lincoln Crossing Elementary School team is to prepare our students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to become lifelong learners and responsible, contributing members of society.