Chinomso Duruibe

All about me

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Three words to describe me:

  1. Kind
  2. Unique
  3. Smart

Three qualities that make me a strong leader:

  1. I put others before myself
  2. Responsibility
  3. Humbleness

Three things I hope to gain from this leadership role :

  1. I hope to learn to be a better leader.
  2. I hope to gain better social skills with a younger generation.
  3. I hope that I help the students who need my assistance in all things.

Three interesting facts about me:

  1. My family is from Nigeria.
  2. I like to sing.
  3. My favorite season is summer because i can spend time with my friends and family.

Leadership quote:

'' Be the change you want to see in the world."

-Mohandas K. Gandhi

A leader who inspires me:

My friends inspire me because they push me to become a better person.