True (...Sort of)

By: Taylor Whritenour project 1

Main Characters

The main characters of this story are... Delly Pattison, Ferris Boyd and RB Pattison.


There are 4 main settings to this story and they are, school, River Bluffs, and the hideawaysis, and Delaferbia


The conflict of this story is that Ferris Boyd and Delly become best friends but Delly has struggles because Ferris won't speak and you can't touch her. One other conflict is that Ferris Boyd has a dad that abuses her and Delly sooner or later finds out. She tries to get help to save her friend.

Rising Action (A)

All Delly Pattison is, is trouble. Everyday she would get into big trouble whether at school or at home. Until everything changed the day she met Ferris Boyd. They became best friends, but Delly knew something was up with her, like she was hiding something. And she was.

Rising Action (B)

Ferris Boyd, Delly and RB had a secret hide out place where they would go everyday after school, called the hideawaysis. One day Delly decided to ask Ferris Boyd if she wanted to go on an adventure with her and RB, she said yes. No one knew where she was taking them but they were in for a treat. As soon as they got there they named it... Delaferbia. The brand new hide out spot for the 3 friends.


As soon as Delly found out Ferris was being abused by her dad she immediately went to the police station. She told Officer Tibbets everything, including that Ferris had run away. They went together on a search for her and looked everywhere, but the last place they looked was Delaferbia. Delly found her in a cave with a blanket, wearing Delly's big sisters boots. They took her home but she was scared and Officer Tibbets and Delly told her she would be safe now no matter what.