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Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day---With Chicks!

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Throughout our day, we witnessed the hatching of our baby chicks! The children were able to see them crack their shells, break out of their shells, and watch them gain strength enough to be put into our box! Two are in our brooder box. One is still drying off in the incubator. Three more are "pipping" as we speak! Monday will be full of excitement, meeting the final chicks!

No Reading Book Bags Today

Learning from Second Graders

In our building, many different classes are learning about chicks and their life cycle! We were invited to come to Miss Deering's second grade class and learn all about this exciting science topic! Her second graders took the students around in small groups to different stations. The kindergartners learned about the inside of the egg, incubation, listened to different "chick" stories, graphs about different eggs, and even saw real, live baby chicks! It was a wonderful learning experience for our students, correlating with our own classroom hatching experience! Enjoy the pictures of the event below.

Rainbow Wall Wonders

Our kindergartners continue to amaze me, wanting to move further and further up the Rainbow Wall! I am happy to announce that the following students made progress on our sight word wall this week:

  • Yellow: Tamia Moore
  • Green: Amaya Oddo
  • Blue: Eva Dennis, Aidenn Williams
  • Purple: Nathan Farias, Ashley Joiner
  • Pot of Gold (2nd grade words): Lorelei Braniff

Freshman Visitors for a Day

Happy Earth Day!

This week we learned all about the importance of taking care of our Earth. In library, they learned about Plastic Island (a real place) and the importance of recycling, reusing, not littering, and more. The children wrote their pledge on a handprint and placed it around a poster that Mrs. Wilson created for us (see pictures below). We also completed a fun art project in our classroom, making Earth out of coffee filters, markers, and water. Finally, we spent some time cleaning up our playground on Friday. We made sure to do our part keeping our Earth clean. Happy Earth Day!

You Are Invited...

All are invited to the East Elementary second graders’ Recycling Club art exhibit. Art work displays include Earth Day projects plus the Recycling Club’s submission, a Missouri 3-toed box turtle, the state reptile, entered for the “No More Trash” trash can decorating contest sponsored by the Department of Conservation. The exhibit is open to the community at 1:30 p.m. April 27 through May 11th at St. Robert City Hall. This exhibit also promotes the Community Partnership for Recycling, a joint partnership between St. Robert and Waynesville to increase awareness of recycling.

Review: Can your child read this?

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Show-N-Tell Next Week: Z

ABC Song: The Letter Z, "I'll Be with Z" by StoryBots
"The Letter Z Song" by

April Lunch Menu

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Looking Ahead...

East Elementary Movie Night

Friday, May 6th


Free Admission to the movie "The Good Dinosaur"

Pajamas, pillows and blankets are welcome! Concessions will be available for purchase.

More Looking Ahead...

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 2-6th

Book Fair: May 2-12th

PTO Board Meeting: May 12th at 1:30pm