What you didn't know

What is a chimera?

A chimera, according to mythology, is a creature literally "borrowing" parts from many other creatures. The three main creatures are a lion, a goat, and a snake, it is female and breathes fire. A chimera in real terms is a single organism originated from two or more different populations of genetically distinct cells that originated from different zygotes involved in sexual reproduction.

Use in modern world

A chimera, in simpler terms would be say a person with two different DNA types. Scientist in the UK are using the chimera animal fetus's to do advanced stem cell research in an attempt to cure different diseases. Also for growing "spare" parts to implant or transplant to another human being.

Do i feel ok with this?

I feel the research done with the unborn animal fetuses is ethical in the way that it will only give us more medical advancements and enable us to save more lives. The advantages of the research are obvious, better medical capabilities and saved lives. The disadvantages are harder to find, the main ones i see with this is the fact that many animal rights activist (losers) will feel this is unethical and cause a "scene" that will be a small but manageable blemish to the scientific community. It is speculated by a small band of rebels that the church will oppose this highly as well.