Careers for your Peers

By: Dalton Dyer

Private Detective-Public Safety

Wage: 35,300-71,150

Detect occurrences of unlawful acts or infractions of rules in private establishment, or seek,examine,and compile information for client.

Animal Trainer- Agriculture

Animal trainers train animals for a wide range of reasons. Some trainers work with large animals such as elephants, lions, or dolphins to train them to perform in front of large groups of people. Others train dogs or other small pets to be more obedient at home. Some train horses or dogs to perform at competitions such as riding shows or dog shows. Trainers also work with dogs or monkeys to assist disabled persons in performing everyday tasks.

Training involves conditioning the animal to respond to commands through the use of positive reinforcement. When the animal


correctly to a command, the trainer provides a treat, toy, kind words, or petting in order to reinforce the behavior. This training can take months of repetition and much patience on the part of the trainer.


Animal Breeder

Animal breeders work to mate and breed various types of animals. They may work for an employer where this is part of or the sole purpose of their job, or animal breeders may work on their own. They need to have an understanding of animals in general, as this is necessary for responsible and proper breeding.

Depending on the nature of the breeder’s role and level of involvement, the breeder may work with artificial insemination techniques. This usually happens on a farm or in a laboratory because this requires a more thorough understanding of animals and the breeding process. Generally, animal breeders work to care for the animals under their watch both to ensure that the animals stay healthy before breeding and once they become pregnant. Animal breeders also care for the new animal parents and their offspring in whatever manner is required.

Animal breeders may breed anything from dogs to cats to cattle to mice; it all depends on their specific position and who they work for. In whatever capacity they work within and whatever type of animal they breed specifically, they must work to understand how the animals function and mate, and what they require for their care. If an animal breeder works to sell the animals they breed, then they must be able to effectively market and sell their services as well.