Grizzly Bear

An Endangered Species

Where is the Grizzly found?

The Grizzly Bear could be found in many different areas like dense forests, open plains, or arctic tundra. Their habitat would be in North America and western Canada. They are found in Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and a small population in Washington.
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Why is it Endangered?

Human activity and hunting these animals are an issue for the existence of them. We are the biggest threat of grizzlies, not just because we hunt them but also, because of the increasing human population and the resulting erosion of Grizzly habitat. Deforestation is another issue. It makes them move away because there is no food for them in an empty land.
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Why are they important?

Ecologically - Grizzly Bears are keystone predators they have a major influence on their ecosystems. They are seed dispersers and nutrient providers. Grizzlies increase the amount of available nitrogen through soil disturbance and through salmon carcass dispersal. They also directly regulate prey populations and help prevent overgrazing.

Economically - They bring the tourist to our land. A research project completed in 2006 by Peter Swain, for a masters of science at the University of Lancashire, examined the value of grizzly bear viewing in British Columbia, and his findings show that bear viewing is a much more significant component of the tourism sector than the provincial government would suggest.