Lessons From Paul

February 4, 2014

"Get On My Level"

Lately I have been addicted to reading the books written about the life of, or by, the great Apostle Paul. What a story, what an example this man sets. This is a man, who as we once referred to as Saul, was in Acts 9 uttering threats and ready to kill followers; to becoming a man remade in Christ who walked this Earth surrendered and suffering for His name sake. In Paul's walk with the Lord we are able to see what it means to be a true disciple of the Lord - In 2 Timothy we see that Paul describes a disciple as one who lives a holy, surrendered life, who endures suffering, pure of heart, pursuing righteousness, loving, faithful, peaceful, patient, kind, gentle, encouraging, and a teacher! But, the thing that I enjoy the most about Paul is that he is not afraid of failing. As we see in Acts 17 Paul tries to witness and share the gospel with those around Him; yet quickly realizes that he has been misunderstood. So, he quickly realizes that He must change, or rather alter his approach, in order for the Athenians to understand. And what an enlightening moment for him - what a lesson for us all to learn.

In order to share the gospel with the people the Father places before us, we must be willing to meet people right where they are. We must "get on their level." In order to be true disciples of Christ we must be, as Paul describes, kind, loving, patient servants who truly do put ourselves in the lives of others. We must feel the hurt and the pain. We must feel the addiction, the religion, the lostness of the person/people we are trying to witness to. We must meet people where they are, so that we can be understood by them; then we know how to begin presenting the gospel in a way they will want to know more and be intrigued. Does this mean you must change your stance, your beliefs, your foundation?! No, absolutely not. It just simply means that you meet the person where they are, so that you set a clear foundation of understanding for them.

So, in saying that, today I bought my first Qur'an! YES, you heard me correctly, I have bought a Qur'an. Does this mean that I am going to become anti-Christian, and change my faith in God - NOooooo, not a chance! I simply purchased the Qur'an because I know the people group that I will be working with are of the Islamic faith. And therefore, in order for me to meet them where they are, I must first understand their beliefs and understand their concept of who God is. If I do not have any foundation of understanding them, how can I share the gospel in a way that they will want to know and understand more about who my God is?

So, today, I went out of my "box" and I bought a book I never would have purchased six months ago. Today, I took a step in educating myself on the people group that I will be witnessing to and sharing the gospel with. Today I took a step in learning how to meet my people group right where they are!

And to be honest I am very excited! What an impact this will make in helping me to witness to those people I will be meeting in just a few short months.

Prayer Requests

-Wisdom and boldness as I share the gospel with those people I come in contact with daily. I am speaking at a church this Sunday!

-Wisdom in memorizing and retaining needed information and verses to utilize when sharing the gospel and disciplining those He places before me.

-Focus during long days of meetings, packed full of information.

-Pray that visa work begins moving smoother; as this has been hard to complete thus far.

-Pray that the Father will be working on the hearts of the people that He places before me once arriving to the field.