Beauty Queen Children

Should parents allow children to be beauty queens?

The introduction.

The beauty pageant first started in the 1920's as a National Beauty Tournament. The first child pageant began in the 60's. The pageants were mostly intended for kids aged 6 through 12. Parents who put the children onto the pageants feel that the pageants are non-harmful. Also most of the parents are in it just for the prize money. There should not be pageants because a.)the parents need to buy beauty supplies, b.) the girls are valued for their looks, and not their normal selves, and c.) the girls have a drop of self-esteem when they loose.

The prices of the make-up and dresses needed for every pageant.

  • The dresses alone cost an average of $1,000 and can sometimes reach $5,000 for older girls.
  • The entry fees can cost up to $500 to enter and you might not win.
  • The make-up costs and average of $100 and the stylists can cost up to $300 an hour.

The girls are valued for their looks, not who they really are.

  • Girls wear heavy make-up, long, fake eyelashes, and they have flushed cheeks.
  • Some contestants think that they are never good enough.
  • The girls think every thing in life is perfect.

The girls have a drop of self-esteem when they loose a pageant.

  • The girls have the inability to forgive them self for a simple loss.
  • Girls can become jealous against other girls and harm them.
  • The contestants anger can lead to temper tantrums, and even harm other contestants.