Information on Israel

Israel population has been going up through the years. People are living into their 80's. With a good amount of every age to keep the population balanced and stable.

Israel population density map

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Israel Population Density

Most people live in the urban parts of Israel by the Nile and Jordan rivers.

How the population of Israel has changed overtime.

With a high birth rate and high immigration over the years Israel population has been increasing.

The Future of Israel population

The future of this population looks great with a great balance of ages and great medication and high immigration. The population looks to keep rising through the years.
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Israel Food Supply

The future of this looks great. Over the last 50 years Israel has increased their food supply by kCals from 2,600 to 3,800 kCal and the tread continues to increase. This effect the populations because the more food the more the population will increase.

Israel Significant Health Care Concerns

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These diseases kill off the population making it decrease as more people die from these diseases.

Israel events that affected on the population

First Lebanon War [1982-2000] number is unknown.

First Intifada [1987-1993] killed 100 people.

Second Intifada [2000-2005] killed 773 people.

These wars killed many people which the population went down because of that.

Israel Environmental Problems

Air Pollution

Water Pollution

Water Shortages

Population Density and Loss of Open Space

Water Disposal

Death Of The Dead Sea

Species Extinction

Which all these problems like water especially without water humans can't live we need water so the population will go down a lot because they will not have enough fresh water to live on.