First Grade Newsletter

Seguin Elementary School

This Week:

Literacy: We will start a two week Author Study. Students will vote on their favorite author to learn more about as a class.

Writing: We will write about a non-fiction topic and teach their peers about what they learned about their topic.

Math: We will continue skip counting and apply number patterns to addition and subtraction.

Social Studies: We will discuss American heroes and explorers.

Science: We will continue our unit on living and non-living things and their interdepenencies.

Spelling Words

New Spelling Pattern:



dusty, tasty, thirsty, jumpy, lately, hardly, closely, slowly

Roo Reminders:

Mar 14-18: Spring Break

Mar 22 - 1st Grade Music Performance at 6:30
Mar 25: No School
Mar 29-30: STAAR Testing - No visitors please

Apr 4: Librarian's Day
Apr 6: College Colors Day
Apr 13: Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night
Apr 22: Report Cards Go Home
Apr 28: Art Night 4pm

First Grade Updates!

*Reading Homework: One Breath Boxes and read for 20 minutes per night, please sign your child's reading log. :)

*Math Homework: Addition math facts, if your child has mastered their addition math facts, start with simple subtraction math facts. 3 + 2 = 5 or 6 - 2 = 4

Thank you for supporting your child's education!