Gothic Literature: Monster Stories

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...looking for a different English elective for Spring Semester 2015?

Gothic Literature: Monster Stories

From vampires to ghosts, these frightening stories have influenced fiction writers since the 18th century. This course will focus on the major themes found in Gothic literature and demonstrate how the core writing drivers produce, for the reader, a thrilling psychological environment. Terror versus horror, the influence of the supernatural, and descriptions of the difference between good and evil are just a few of the themes presented. By the time students have completed this course, they will have gained an understanding of and an appreciation for the complex nature of dark fiction.
High School Gothic Literature / by eDynamic Learning

Your Instructors...

This course is being co-taught by long-time English teachers Ms. Keefe (currently the Supervisor of Federal Programs) and Mrs. Testerman (currently the Assistant High School Principal and the Supervisor of Education Technology).

Who is this course for?

We are looking for...

  • Students who are interested in adding on a half-credit English course
  • Students who like a challenge
  • Students who want to try out a new course in a new environment
  • Students who love reading and literature!

What will we read?


Along the way we'll...

Don't be put off by this course if you've already read something on this list. We will study all of the authors and the time periods and how they connect to the themes of Gothic Literature! We will...

  • Look at the social & political environments that inspired the works
  • Explore the common themes of Gothic literature
  • Gain an understanding & appreciation for the classics of Gothic literature
  • Analyze the major pieces of Gothic literature