Sr. TX Showcase

We are so excited to see you at contest!

Contest Director


Lakeisha McGowen


CP general information, rules and regulations…

Please contact Lakeisha for any event related questions.

Host School Contact


Sandi Dunn


Please contact Sandi for any meal or facility questions.

Cypress Ranch HS

Saturday, March 3rd, 8am

10700 Fry Road

Cypress, TX

The schedule will be posted to the website Thursday the week of contest.
** Doors open and check-in begins one hour prior to the first performance.**

Facility Maps

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Performance Curtain Specifications

1. Curtains are 9 ft. to 10 ft. tall

2. The back “wall” will be 9 sections of 10 feet spans between the upright poles.

3. The middle pole will be splitting center. This will allow for easy entrances and exits from the center.

4. Side sections can be arranged to up to 2 “wings” on each side as needed. If you need additional “wings” please plan to bring those with you.

5. 3 curtain panels per span.

Please note: If you would like to provide your own curtains that is acceptable. However, your prop crew will be responsible for moving all curtains set-up and returning them at the end of your allotted performance time. Curtains will be on the main gym performance space at least one hour prior to contest start for directors and teams to view.

Admission and Concessions

Dance team members (dancers, escorts and managers), registered Directors and Assistants bring team or officer routines, will be permitted to enter free of charge at the team check-in area. Escorts and managers must wear official uniform and be present when the team checks-in.
Friday only (if applicable)- $5 Adults/Senior Citizens & Children and free
Saturday only- $12 Adults/ $5 Senior Citizens/ $5 Children (ages 5-12)/ Under 5 Free
Two day pass (if applicable)- $15 Adults
Available onsite. PLEASE, respect that no food or drinks may be brought in from outside the building, this a fundraiser for the Host School.

Host School Specific Information


Find concession information, dressing room agreements and much more information for our host school director- Sandi Dunn.

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