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Fall 2013 - August

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Go and check your grades from the last two weeks! Make sure you've reviewed all feedback!

We Meet Online Every Tuesday!

Don't forget that EVERY Tuesday evening from 4:00 PM until 5:00 PM I will hold office hours for all of my classes to go over any assignments you might have questions on, to discuss upcoming assignments where you might need help, and to go over some of the topics currently being studied. You and your parents can join these sessions!

TONIGHT will be another Welcome session! Starting at 4:00 PM.

Guaranteed to be EXCITING and FUN!

Tips for Success

We've discussed some times in the last few chats (see User Links Widget for recordings), but here is a summary:
  • Be Present: check course/email daily; watch chats, actively participate.
  • Be Organized: follow schedule; submit all assignments on time; read & follow directions.
  • Communicate: seek help regularly and early; read feedback; attend weekly class meetings.
  • Do your best, high quality work: engage your brain while working use the proper English and the language of engineering and technology!

Parents: Do You Have A Parent Auditor Account?

Parent Auditor Accounts allow parents to view student progress and grades within a course. If you need to create an account with us, link it to your student, or want to know more about how to use it, click on the helpful links below:

How do I create a Parent Auditor Account?

How do I link my Parent Auditor Account to my student?

How do I use my Parent Auditor Account to monitor grades and student progress?