the start of the litter invation

litter is invadeing our beautiful earth

the begining of the invation

Human beings are the cause of this catastrophe, we see rubbish in our everyday life it just lays there and collects bacteria which is very non-hygienic its atrocious and the smell is disgusting.Would you like to see the earth looking like a dumping ground filled with mould and dirty rubbish everywhere.


Our community is covered in copious amounts of rubbish its like a rubbish fountain flooding the earth that will destroy habitats and animals life's . A range of animals die or even worse on the brink of extinction.

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Pete the pelican was a victim of this catastrophe they found 17 plastic bags in his small body , sadly he died of starvation and strangulation. on a happier note but not that happy a platypuses named lucky got a plastic ring stuck around his neck it was painfully cutting deep in his skin even tho platypus are the shyest creatures it took his courage and went up too a human and saved his own life

Our school is being invaded

At Fairfield public school we see disgusting and unbearable ,pieces of rubbish lying around this is a massive problem that we need to stop.In 6H the students did a survey to find out how many people litter the results are horrifying 53 people say they litter and 45 say they don't this means that nealy half the school litters! The cleaners at FPS clean all our class rooms and the toilets but we give them more work by throwing rubbish carelessly around the place we are old enough to pick up our own ruddish but the cleaners are nice enough to pick up our rubbish that we thru on the ground this horrible habet must be stoped.