Using VLC Player

Simplified for DVD playing...

Now I have VLC... Now what?

If you followed the instructions of your Friendly-Neighborhood Instructional Technician or if someone else installed VLC Player for you and now you're a little intimidated by the buttons and trying to navigate this "alien" program (that you may have never seen even on your home computers before...), have no fear!

I'm going to demonstrate the simplest way to get your DVD playing!

If all you're doing is playing a DVD, that's all there is to it!

More options...

VLC Player can play many types of videos and opening them is roughly the same, except that you might use "Open File" if you're opening a single video file already saved to your computer somewhere.

Additionally, you can set VLC to be your default video playing program, which might cut out a step for you, if you're comfortable adding that extra automation to your use.