The Boy Who Dared

Story of Helmuth Hübener

Boy Who Dared summary

Death of Helmuth Hübener (The history of what the website said is shown first)

Helmuth Hübener when sent to Plötzensee prison could mail 3 letters one was to his mother one to his grandparents and one to a family in his church. He had a quote in the last one that is very famous "I know that God lives and He will be the just judge on this matter. I look forward to seeing you in a better world!" Helmuth in court was tried as an adult because the way he wrote the pamphlets and the way he spoke at court. After court he lost all his rights and was sent to Plötzensee prison. Helmuth died on October 27 1942 at 8:13 in the morning

Here is how the book portrayed it. The main topic in this book was about Helmuth Hübener's death which was October 27 1942. He was a prisoner in Plötzensee prison, Berlin. He spread the word about all the German losses in the war and other info bit that he heard in his radio by pamphlets for that he was convicted. He was only 17 when he went to prison where he was there for 264 days. He was 17 and 9 months, just a child when he died. There aren't many differences of how the book portrays the historical event than what happened.


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