Dear Gabby,

I have read your column for years, but I never thought that I would be writing to you. I've tried going to meetings of " Women who love to much " but i'm still hurting, so i thought maybe you could help me. my problem is that the guy i love doesn't want to be in the same room as me so the guy i keep i keep chasing him, but the more i do the more he runs away literally. So i need your advice

sorry computer would'nt let me put pictures on the flyers

Love Advise Letter

Dear Hopeless Romantic, I see that you're in a bad prediciment. This is a kind of a unique situation you're in so i thought i might need more help. I got me and a couple of my friends to brain storm a couple of solutions for you. I think you should proble give him a little room don't keep pestering. The good thing is that he might miss you. The bad thing is that he might forget about you without you always being there. Another option is that you could try to date someone else,because he might just be playing hard to get so make it seem like you've moved on and forgot about him. The good thing is there's a chance he might get jelouse and want you back. But another thing that can happen is that he doesn't care and forgets about you and it will be hard to get over him. Well i hope this advice to you works. If you have any more problems about love just hit me up. Please tell your friends about my love advice column. Sincerely Love Dr.