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Kia ora koutou

The school end of year is almost upon us and as always we wind up to wind down!

On behalf of the Staff and Board we do thank every one of you for your support over the year, and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and restful break.

We farewell Mrs Trigg who leaves us and heads to Turuturu School next year. Thanks Jill for your contribution to the school, we will miss you but know you are not far away!

Advertising continues as we appoint to our vacancies - we think and hope we are on track and look forward to having appointments made before Christmas.

Next week looks to be action packed - lots of events on the calendar so please read this newsletter carefully.

Have a great Christmas break everyone - we welcome all students back on February 9th, 2021.

Nga mihi nui

Neryda Sullivan


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Thank you to our staff who have worked hard for the benefit of our students, doing their part to work with you, the whanau, to grow our future citizens of society. Thanks also to Board of Trustees members and PTA ladies for their efforts over the year. We appreciate the work you do for our students.

From us to you..

It takes a villiage to grow a child, and we work as a mini village to grow the 300 plus students we have contact with each day. Thanks to parents, whanau, and community for your support as we do what we love - working with developing adolescents through this very exciting time of their life! You answer our calls - both good and not so good, help us unravel complicated situations and allow us the honour of being part of your child's journey
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AOG Church,

High Street - Hawera

Tuesday 15th December from 9.30 till 11.00

All certificates for Monitors and Leaders (except Student Councillors) will be given out at the Service Assembly

All parents and whanau are welcome to attend this assembly.

Our Kapa Haka roopu will perform their bracket at both assemblies.

Students are able to leave with their families after the assembly or return to school for morning tea then down to the pools for the rest of the day.

Students come to school as usual and will walk to the venue together.


AOG Church

High Street - Hawera

Wednesday 16th December from10am till 12pm

All trophies and cups are awarded at this assembly, and letters were sent in the mail to advise parents if students are getting an award. Student Councillors for 2021 are announced, with the handing over of the jackets and the mana of the role.

Classroom and Technology awards are also given out here. If your child is receiving a class award the teacher presenting it will make contact with you over the week. There are four per class and two per Tech class. It is a big ask for our staff as every student could be recognised for something over the course of a year!

If they are receiving a trophy, you will receive an invitation from the office.

Students are able to leave with their families after the assembly or return to school until 1pm when school ends for the year.

NB: Teachers will try to contact parents of award recipients however some phone numbers seemed to have changed.


Monday 14th December

Year 8 Big Day Out - all Year 8 students will have a day of fun!

A $5 contribution to this fun day would be appreciated.

While our Year 8s are out and about our Year 7 students will participate in 'An Amazing Race' at school.

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The Year 8 Formal begins at 7pm at the A.O.G. all whanau are welcome to this part where students will receive their scrolls and Year Book. They will then walk down to the R.S.A. hall where they will have fun, food and lots of music till 10p.m. (students and staff only).

  • No student will be allowed to leave unless collected
  • If you would like a ride home for your child please contact their teacher as staff are happy to do this.
  • Tidy dress please
  • Supper will be provided by the PTA and we really appreciate their support
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Last week we went to Patea to visit the museum and library. At the museum we saw lots of interesting artefacts and listened to Rob Groat who kept us riveted with his lively explanations and pictures about South Taranaki history. At the library we learned about Te-tara-o-naki and how Turi discovered Taranaki. We also did some printing on foam mats and created awesome prints of a tiki. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed playing in the park at lunch.

- Raine Tapiki-Higson

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We have found over the years that reshuffling our school each year helps our students prepare for their secondary education where they have multiple teachers in one day. If you have any concerns or questions please contact Trisha via the office or by email - careswellt@hi.school.nz

school uniforms

If you have a child who is leaving HIS this year and still have a uniform in good condition, please consider donating it back to the school as we appreciate having backup uniforms available at the office. Thank you.


All classroom devices have now been withdrawn from rooms so as to set them up for 2021.

Students no longer require their own personal device and we ask the they are not brought to school for the rest of the year.


As we approach the final days of Term 4 it is important that ALL school library books are returned so that we can do a stock take before we finish next week.

Students that have outstanding books will be given a slip with the name of the book and its cost. Please have a look around your home, under beds or in draws and see if you have one of our precious resources that can be returned.

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Wet weather did not deter a group of wonderful and energetic volunteers who helped out with the annual Food Bank Run on Monday night. This involved students going around in groups and collecting bags of food donated by the community in response to the fire engine siren and lots of excitement up and down the streets of Hawera. Many thanks to our students supported by Mrs Ingram for your efforts and the donations from the community.
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CONGRATULATIONS to Natalia Rook on her recent success for her Urban Ignition Level 5 Vivid Rhythm Dance Exam, which she passed with flying colours. Natalia was judged on both technique and performance over a series of seven exercises. Well done Natalia!
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Football Success

CONGRATULATIONS to Georgia MacRae and the Taranaki U14 girls team which has continued from last year undefeated having won all six games played. Through the season they have played all 4 teams in the Central League: Whanganui, Manawatu , Hawkes Bay & Gisborne , some with convincing wins.
Georgia is also Captain of the Girls' Development Team. Well done Georgia!

season winners

Congratulations to the Hawera Intermediate Cricket team who won the Vern Bett Shield after completing the season unbeaten.

Angus Campbell, Brooklyn Murffit-Ingram, Cameron Tong, Casey Duffy, Cody MacPhail, Jack Wasley, Jaxon McDonald, Sarni Ylitalo-van der Merwe, Shiven Reddy, Taene Nelley, Tayden Uncles and Theo Soothill

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sport uniform returns

Do you still have a sport uniform you've been meaning to return since the end of the season? We would love to have them back. Please return any outstanding uniforms to the school office ASAP.
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  • Thursday 10 December - Road Safety Day Out for Patrollers and Bus Monitors
  • Friday 11 December - School Market Day 11am-12:30pm
  • Monday 14th December - Year 8 Big Day Out
  • Tuesday 15 December - Service Assembly 9.30-11 at the AOG Church
  • Year 8 Formal 7pm at the AOG Church then 8-10 at the RSA
  • Wednesday 16 December - Formal Assembly 10-12 at AOG Church
  • Term 4 2020 School Year Ends at 1pm

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