LaCoste Elementary Newsletter

2022-2023 School Year / Week of Sept. 12th - 16th

From the Front Office:

LaCoste Families,

We wanted to share with you the student handbook and code of conduct that all students at MVISD must follow.

Parent Volunteers needed!

We are looking for 2 parents to attend the statewide Parental involvement conference December 8-10 to represent LaCoste. The 2 parent volunteers will be responsible for bringing back information to share and present on with the family engagement committee. If you are interested in attending the conference please email . We encourage you to look at the attachments below for more information.

Counselor's Corner

We are partnering with the San Antonio Food Bank to help families in need. If you are struggling to feed your family, please reach out to Mrs. Rakowitz via email to learn more about how we may be able to help.

Mrs. Rakowitz completed introducing herself to students, explained her role as a counselor (along with the social worker’s role), and our system to notify a teacher if a student would like to talk.

Mrs. Rakowitz will be going into the classes soon to discuss self regulation and coping skills.

We continue to be available to all students upon request. If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact us at the emails listed below, or use the attached form.

Talking Time Counseling Request Form

Leader In Me

If your child applied for a campus wide job, they will be notified next week about their position on campus. They will also be notified of who their sponsor is if you have any questions. A Code of Conduct will be attached. Please go over this form with your child before signing and returning it to their sponsor.

Caught Being a Leader!

Click HERE to see this week's leaders!

Students cannot only be caught being a leader at school by staff, but also at home by you! If you see your child exhibiting any of the habits on their own without prompting, fill out this form! Examples: Habit 3: Put First Things First - Your child went to a quiet area in your home and began doing their homework without being told. Habit 5: Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood - Your child listened to their sibling’s point of view during an argument, understood why their sibling was upset, and did not push their own opinion of what happened or interrupt.

Students that are caught being a leader will have their name announced on the morning announcements and will be able to choose a charm for their Leader In Me Chain. Students proudly wear their chains to our Campus Awards.

CLICK HERE to tell us about how you caught your leader using their habits at home!

Leaders Wanted!

We want to showcase our LaCoste leaders in our trophy case on campus. We’d like to showcase students that are leaders OUTSIDE of school. Is your child proactive with the Girl Scouts or Boys Scouts? Does your child synergize with cousins in raising animals for the stock show? Maybe your child is part of a youth group that helps in picking up trash on the weekends? Capture a picture and send it to us! Please indicate your child’s name and what organization they are a part of.

PTO Corner

We had a great first PTO meeting last week. Our new budget for the school year was presented and voted on. Biz O’Campo explained the Big Kahuna Fundraiser and fun door prizes were handed out! If you missed this one our next one will be even more fun on Thursday, October 13 at 5:30pm. We will have our local fire department there as special guest speakers and showing off their truck.

Our Big Kahuna Fundraiser has officially started. Please check your student’s folder for the packet and information on setting up their personal online shopping site to share with out of town friends and family. With the proceeds from our fundraiser, PTO is able to pay for student incentives, field trips and so much more!

LaCoste Elementary STOMPS out Breast Cancer! Pre-order your “Pink Out” shirt today to wear in October. All proceeds will be donated to a local family affected by breast cancer. (See flier below for details)

Spirit Shirts and Membership

Want to Volunteer? Check out the flier below!

If you have any questions feel free to email us at
Breakfast/Lunch Menus

Visit to fill out the Free/Reduced Lunch Application

Big picture

LaCoste Bleacher Creature

Freedom Week

Grandparents Day Breakfast

Ms. Raygosa's class changed the physical properties of paper

MVHS Cross Country Runners came to greet our students on Friday morning

1st Grade Celebrated dot day on 9/15. They colored a dot and then an app made them 3D!

Students Celebrated the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month

Coach's Corner


Combined with exercise, stretching and running. We are working on coordination with bouncing, catching and tossing a ball. Moving in different directions with or without a ball. As well as playing games that work on listening skills and working as a team.


Combined with exercise, stretching and running. We are working on hand eye coordination drills that will relate with the volleyball unit that we are moving into. Drills that help the student with hitting, catching and volleying a ball to themselves, as well as to another student. Playing games that work on listening skills and working as a team.

We will always work with you regarding your child(ren) if they need to sit out in PE due to a medical reason. A note must be provided for documentation. Your help with this is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at

Caught Reading!

LaCoste Elementary students often go above and beyond! With that in mind, we love to acknowledge when they do. Reading is an important everyday activity. It shows great examples of the Leadership Habits we know are the foundation of our success. We like to “Catch Students Reading”. Examples of that would be; students independently choosing to read as a leisure activity or students achieving a reading goal they had set for themselves, like finishing their first chapter book or reading their first book independently. Parents can also "Catch Students Reading" at home! Please click the button below to submit your child's name for the drawing.

Each week a name is randomly drawn from those submissions. Their name is displayed on a bulletin board in the library, given a prize for their accomplishment, mentioned in our morning campus announcements and posted in our Parent Newsletter.

This week’s winner is Lilliana Ortega!

Lilliana was caught by Ms. Esquivel for completing her first chapter book!

You can be a star when you get caught reading!

Big picture
Caught Reading

Parents can also submit their child for the drawing if they catch them reading at home!

Upcoming Events

Sept. 23rd - End of 1st 6 Weeks

Sept. 26th - Beginning of 2nd 6 Weeks

Sept. 29th - Report Cards Posted

Sept. 30th - American Indian Heritage Day

Oct. 2nd - Custodial Appreciation Day

Oct. 6th - Open House 4:00pm -5:30pm

Oct. 10th - No School - Columbus Day

Oct. 17th - 21st - National School Bus Safety Week

Oct. 17th - Progress Report Posted / GT Parent Night 5:30pm - 6:00pm

Oct. 18th - Fall Individual Picture Day

Oct. 24th - 28th - Red Ribbon Week

Oct. 28th - Fall Fun Day Sponsored by PTO/ 2nd Grade Field Trip

Oct. 31st - No School/Staff Work Day

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