November 17, 2014

SRO Named - Slothower Returns to PGHS

The next SRO has been named for PGHS. Officer David Slothower, of the Lower Pottsgrove Police Department, will serve in place of Sergeant Officer James. James was promoted to Sergeant and will be leaving the school on December 18, 2014 to supervise a squadron with the same department. Slothower is no stranger to PGHS, he served as the SRO before Officer James from 2003-2007. Officer Slothower will be shadowing James periodically until his start date with that first visit this Wednesday. He is excited to return to Pottsgrove High School and we are looking forward to his leadership as the School Resource Officer.

Winter Keystone Exams 2014-2015

Winter Keystone exams start the first week in December. It's important that all teachers take the Keystone Training before the end of next week.

Keystone Training Website:

Blog on Winter Keystone Dates: Click Here to view Winter Keystone dates and information

District Keystone Info: Click Here to read the District's Keystone Intervention Plan

Keystone Dates

Biology: December 3 and 4 (Wednesday & Thursday)

Literature: December 9 and 11 (Tuesday & Thursday)

Algebra: January 8 and 13 (Thursday and Tuesday) - 2 Hour Delay

Mandatory GCN Training

All PGSD staff members must complete this training. Para-educators are to complete the training on Early Release Wednesdays and time after school 2:17-2:53 p.m.

PGHS Important Dates/Information

Monday, November 17:

8:00 AM Principal Team Meeting

2:20 PM Department Meeting

2:20 PM AP Focus Group

Tuesday, November 18:

2:23 PM Leadership Meeting (Department Chairs - Agenda: SIP Review, Budget, 1-1)

Wednesday, November 19:

2:00 PM Encore and World Language 1:1 Meeting - Room 211 (Montes Room) - led by Dr. Ziegler, Mr. Wagman, and Ms. Feola

Thursday, November 20:

Biology Keystone Focus Group Library

Friday, November 21:

8:00 AM Meeting with Guidance

Budget Proposals - All budget proposals are due Monday, December 1, 2014. No budget will be accepted without the proper paperwork completed including the rationale for the purchase. Dr. Ziegler needs to be able to explain the reason for each purchase during his budget request review meeting with district office. Teachers should work through their department chairs on the budget process.

Course Proposal: DEADLINE EXTENDED - If you plan to write a proposal for a new course for the 15/16 school year, please submit it to Mrs. Ludy by November 21, 2014.

GCN Training: All staff are required to take the GCN Mandatory training. Click Here for the link to the GCN training videos. Para-educators should work with their teacher to plan for time to view the videos during early release Wednesdays and after dismissal 2:17-2:53 p.m.

Walkthroughs: The Principal Team has started to do walkthroughs. If a principal or district administrator does a walkthrough of your class, please direct them to your lesson plan. Walkthrough data is being entered into My Learning Plan. Teachers will be able to access all walkthrough and observational data through My Learning Plan. If you need help accessing this data, please let a member of the principal team know and we will help you.

Keystone Updates: Information on the Keystone exams can be found on our HS website at

Keystone Dates

Biology: December 3 and 4 (Wednesday & Thursday)

Literature: December 9 and 11 (Tuesday & Thursday)

Algebra: January 8 and 13 (Thursday and Tuesday) - 2 Hour Delay

Class Meeting Schedule - Please Click Here to view a schedule of class meetings. We have worked to spread the meetings throughout the day and to limit the number of meetings.

1 to 1 Thoughtful Implementation

Coaching - The Apple Coach has been approved and should be working with teachers soon. Plus, our Instructional Coaches (Marissa Bono & Amy Cantymagli) will be leading Mac and Cheese after the Thanksgiving Break. Mac and Cheese will be an opportunity for teachers to learn web resources for the 1 to 1. All teachers will be expected to attend the Mac & Cheese sessions during their PLC.

Forms - After further review, we WILL need the help of teachers to collect the forms that will be handed out on Monday, November 17, 2014. Please work with your first period class to collect forms as they get handed in. Hand the forms to Mrs. Ludy once receive them from students.


  • Monday, December 15, 2014 - Seniors
  • Tuesday, December 16, 2014 - Juniors
  • Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - Sophomores
  • Thursday, December 18, 2014 - Freshmen
  • Friday, December 19, 2014 - Make up day

Renovation Updates

  • 400 Wing - The 400 wing is opening this WEEK!!!

  • Music Area - The art and music wing will be closed down starting on November 17th to allow the contractors full access to this area without interruption. Temporary walls will be created to block students/staff from entering this area. It is important that students/staff do not enter this construction zone starting on November 17, 2014

  • Gym & Cafe - The steel is up in the gym as you can now see the formation of the building beginning to start. The cafeteria footers will be dug very shortly.

  • Contractors with ID's - All construction workers are required to wear PGSD ID's. If you see a constructor worker without an ID, please notify a member of the principal team.