From The Admin Team 10/19/2020

Bernice Kiker Elementary School

Weekend Meals and Free Meals Extended for the Whole School Year

AISD is providing Weekend Meals each Friday through December for in-person learners. (Remote learners can access free curbside 7-day meal packs from 10 - 1:30 PM each Thursday.)

Please complete the survey below indicating whether you want weekend meals delivered to your child prior to dismissal on Friday afternoons. The survey includes the option to notify the cafeteria on a weekly basis. You may contact Alma Chapa Moore, Asst. Principal, at for further information.

If you hadn't already heard, all AISD students can now get free breakfast and lunch through the end of the school year.

Phase-in Weeks

Thank you for your support as we update our procedures for in-person learning. We are committed to providing quality instruction, connection, and support to our students in both remote and in-person setting! There may be small changes as we move forward, but we expect to keep our schedules the same as much as possible. Some of the potential changes may include: staggered 5 -10 minute staggered lunch times to allow the cafe staff delivery time, 5 minute delayed sign on time for Essential Areas to allow for travel time, and/or regrouping of asynchronous small groups. Our synchronous blocks should not change.

Transitioning from Remote to In-Person or In-Person to Remote

For any requests to transition from remote to in-person learning or vice-versa, please contact Alma Chapa Moore (Asst. Principal) and your classroom teacher. For students who will join us on campus, we need arrival/dismissal plan and breakfast/lunch plan. (Breakfast and lunch are provided free of charge to all students through June 3.) There is a wait time of up to five days to transition from remote to in-person learning. There is no wait time to transition from in-person learning to remote learning.
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Upcoming Events

10/19 Week 7 - Grades 3 and 4 students who opted for in-person learning begin and join students who began in-person learning in Weeks 5 and 6

10/21 Wear orange for Unity Day

10/26 Week 8 - Any student who opted for in-person learning may begin

10/29 PTA Spooky Game Night

10/30 Submission deadline for PTA Art Reflections


Unity Day

Developed by the National Bullying Prevention Center, Unity Day brings hope to those who are experiencing bullying and calls on those committed to ending bullying to show their solidarity by wearing the color orange.

We’re coming together to make a world that is kinder, more accepting, and more inclusive. Unity Day 2020 is a great time to do that, as it’s all about wearing and sharing orange to send a unified message of hope and support to those who experience bullying. Participation in and support of Unity Day is shown by wearing orange, a color chosen because it is described as inviting, warm and vibrant and is commonly associated with visibility and safety. This year Unity Day is celebrated Wednesday, October 21.

Kiker has been a No Place for Hate school since 2014. No Place for Hate supports and aligns with Social and Emotional Learning. AISD has maintained designation as the largest No Place for Hate school district in the nation for the past six years.

Let's make this fun and celebratory, embracing the spirit of the day with creativity and excitement. Counselors will teach lessons and host discussions with students

Report Cards Will Arrive Via Email

AISD will push every child's report card to the email address(es) on file based upon the original online registration. This is the same email on which you receive our Kiker Comments and this newsletter. If you need to add or change the email addresses on file, please contact the Parent Support Tech line.

The Parent Support Tech line number is 512-414-9187. Support is available weekdays

from 7 a.m.–5 p.m

Information For Families of 5th Graders

The Directors of Lively and Kealing Magnet programs, along with the Principal of Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, have developed a schedule in which they combine their presentations [back-to-back] to provide the most efficient way for 5th grade students and parents/guardians to hear about the unique offerings these programs provide. The time for our Kiker families is on Wednesday, October 28, from 10:00 am - 10:45 am.

Parents/guardians are welcome / encouraged to attend. More information to come. Ms. Fraser, our 5th grade counselor, will continue to share information to support our families preparing for middle school.

Step 1: Show Presentation Videos (PRIOR to LIVE session) :

Please be sure ALL 5th or 6th Graders that are transitioning to middle school next year watch these videos PRIOR to the live session. Each presentation is about 10-15 mins long. It’s suggested that campuses share a different presentation each day so students have fresh eyes on each presentation:

· Kealing:

· Lively: Part 1:

Part 2:

· Ann Richards:

Step 2: Students/parents/ even educators submit questions here on this Google Form (PRIOR to LIVE session) :

AFTER watching all 3 presentations, students can submit questions here and we’ll answer them during the LIVE Q&A session

Step 3: Share this webinar link:

Passcode: 124246

Students, parents, 5th grade counselors and teachers are invited to attend this live webinar to ask questions and hear responses from all 3 magnet programs.

When students are signing into the webinar:

· You will need to enter the following information: student first/last name / parent email / and elementary school campus

(if you do not have a parent email- please use a teacher email)

· You will be muted and cameras will be disabled on entry.

· You can enter questions in the Q&A icon at the bottom of the zoom screen or Raise Hand if you would like to be unmuted and say your question aloud to whole group.

· Participate, ask questions, follow-up with your school counselor for more help on how to apply!

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Look who got a RAVE (Messages are abbreviated as the GLOWING feedback was long!) Way to go!

Mrs. Boone has been exceptional in engaging the students during virtual learning. She is able to work with the students at all levels and keep them motivated and inspired and wanting to come to school each day. I don't know what we would have done without her as my student's teacher this year!

Ms. Hunt has undeniable care for each of her students and both their educational and emotional needs. She's managed to create a class "home" in both a virtual and socially distant space - an unprecedented feat for all teachers this year.

Ms. Novak has rolled with grade changes and all of this year's chaos with incredible organization and patience - she is a steady hand in an uncertain time for our kids and us parents. Her hard work and quick communication do not go unnoticed and we appreciate her!

Mrs. Kruger is an amazing educator. She is enthusiastic, patient, kind, and organized. She does a great job engaging the kids over zoom and keeping them on track. She is ALWAYS available for questions and extra help. I am just so very impressed with her and how much grace she has shown during these challenging times.

Ms. Novak has rolled with grade changes and all of this year's chaos with incredible organization and patience - she is a steady hand in an uncertain time for our kids and us parents. Her hard work and quick communication do not go unnoticed and we appreciate her!

Ms. Squyres is taking many efforts to ensure that all of her students feel comfortable during this transition and that the parents do as well. My child is excited to learn and looks forward to interacting with Ms. Squyres each school day. We appreciate her positive attitude, her charisma and her love for learning, she is a wonderful teacher!

Ms.Davis sends detailed schedules for the week out. She clearly loves teaching and challenges the kids intellectually. I loved that she printed out important paper sheets for the first few weeks and made individual bundles for the kids. This greatly helped parents and kids working remotely.

Ms. Krueger sends detailed emails outlining weekly schedules, and individual follow ups to be sure my kid is on track. Appreciate all the extra effort!

Bernice Kiker Elementary Administration Team

Cory Matheny - Principal

Alma Chapa Moore - Assistant Principal

Kelly Meyer - Assistant Principal