Friday Focus

Friday, November 13, 2015

Good Luck to our students competing in extra-curricular activities!

Our football team takes on Boys Town tonight at Memorial Field at 6 PM. I hope to see you there! If we win, we advance to the state championship game on Tuesday, November 24 at 10:45 AM. Good luck to our players and coaches!

Also, our Mock Trial team competes again today in Madison; good luck to Mrs. Van Fleet and her team. And our One-Act play production team competes next Monday and Wednesday. Wednesday's performance is at Johnny Carson theater--I will try to let you know what time we perform.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thank your for everything you do for our parish and school.

Be a teaching geek who uses tech!

Thank you to all of you who've filled out surveys from me and from Connie Vesely this week. The students in grades 3-12 have filled our tech surveys this week, too (Thanks to Connie and our Theology teachers for getting this done this week.)

We will use this data to determine what directions we will go regarding technology in our school!

Vocal Music Students Shine at Conference Music

Monday, our high school students traveled to O'Neill to take part in the Mid-State Conference Choral Clinic. Students sang four selections as a "mass choir" but each school got to perform one piece as well. I am excited to see our entire show choir show in the future!
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How Are You Being Called to Serve?

I hope that, if you are members of Sacred Heart Parish, you've turned in your Stewardship cards into the parish office (if you haven't, it's not too late!)

I have decided to start lectoring again and Kelli and I have signed up to spend an hour of adoration on Wednesdays at 4:00pm.

Another thing we'll do as a family is to attend ABLAZE on Sunday night at 7 PM. It's a wonderful hour of praise, worship, and music.

How are you being called to serve?

Videos of the Week

The first video is a TEDTalk that I recently watched. It's a little long (17 minutes) and addresses issues that are not rampant at NC (poverty, crime, chains on the front doors), but as I watched it, I couldn't take my eyes or ears off of the speaker. She is tremendous!

The other video is a short one from ESPN that focuses on the Cody-Kilgore school, about 225 miles west of here. I also re-tweeted it--if you follow me on Twitter. (You may have to watch this video at home for now...)

Cody-Kilgore not unlike many other places in Nebraska. In fact, here's a little quiz about a few of your fellow faculty members:

Match the faculty member with the Nebraska town he/she is familiar with (either from or taught in):

1. Troy Berryman A. Clearwater

2. Carolyn Simon B. Lebanon

3. Jeff Bellar C. Maywood

4. Shane Anderson D. Bellwood

5.Tom McConnell E. Culbertson

6. Pam Wolf F. Wauneta

7. Staci Anderson G. Wausa

Winner gets....nothing except bragging rights! Answers are at the bottom of the FF.

Linda Cliatt-Wayman: How to fix a broken school? Lead fearlessly, love hard

Final Switch Answers Due Soon

Please check out my Google Classroom page to find the final Switch assignment.

It is due December 7; each of your submissions was worth 2 Professional Development points, so if you did all five, you'll receive 10 PD points.

I continue to be impressed with depth and quality of your responses. Finish strong!

Servant Leader of the Week

Leisa Piper is this week's Servant Leader of the Week! Leisa does a variety of things for us at Norfolk Catholic but is completely immersed in Spirit preparations at this time of year. Not only does she coordinate and oversee the huge number of volunteers who help with this event, she also takes care of the "little things" like making 400 rosary bracelets on a Saturday morning.

Each time I tried to take a picture of her today, her phone---either her office phone or her cell phone--would ring. Finally, I just snapped this one so I could finish the Friday Focus.

Her office has gotten quite a bit smaller over the last couple of weeks, due to the number of auction items that get delivered to her. Check out the very nice wooden rocking chair in the lower right corner---it's very comfortable and would look great on your backyard or deck!

Please nominate someone--a colleague, a student, a parishioner, or even yourself--to be next week's Servant Leader of the Week! Let's celebrate the wonderful things we do!

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Matching Quiz Answers