School Emergency in NC!

SOS! North Carolina Public Schools Need Our Help!

NC Public Schools are at Risk!

Our public schools are at risk due to yet another piece of legislation regarding expansion of charter schools. Now is the time to TAKE ACTION! Please read and follow instructions below and send this to your mail list.

Sandi Wheeler

Stop the Destruction!

In collusion with Sen. Norm Sanderson (Carteret, Craven and Pamlico), last week Rep. Michael Speciale (Beaufort, Craven and Pamlico) introduced legislation to allow all North Carolina charter schools to expand the grades they teach without seeking prior approval from the State Board of Education.

This attack on NC Public Schools was inspired by Sanderson’s and Speciale’s efforts to allow the charter elementary school in Pamlico Co. to expand to serve all 12 grades. As the article below explains, the same request has been denied by both the county and the state boards of education. Because the current dispute between Senate and House Republicans has resulted in all bills currently before the Legislature being put on hold temporarily, this duplicitous action by Speciale was discovered.

This must be stopped! Please take five minutes to read an article from the blog published by NC Policy Watch for the details: This is just the latest in a an unrelenting effort by Republican members of the North Carolina legislature to do irreparable damage to NC public schools. You can learn more on NC public schools here:

Please immediately email Mike Speciale at and Norm Sanderson at to let them know that students and for that matter budgets should not be diverted from public to charter without oversight by the NC State Board of Education and local school boards. I know I can count on you! Click here to let me know you sent an email. THANKS!